The Battle Of Loving Yourself

I’m always telling people to love themselves. It is very important to love yourself first. It can & will prevent a lot of heartbreak & disappointments in life if you already know your worth. I’m not saying it will prevent everything but it will save you a lot of trouble. Truth is, it has taken me a very long time & having to go through very awful situations before I truly learned for myself what I was saying to everyone else…..’Love yourself first’. Or to be able to even just love yourself a little bit. It is a difficult thing to do I admit, to love yourself. So please as you are visiting my blog, please understand I am no better than you. I am not some doctor of any sort. I simply choose to share my experiences to attempt to help someone else because no one has ever been there for me in ways I so desperately needed them to be, & still do sometimes. Thank you for visiting my blog!, pub-8227089080071688, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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