About Me

Hello, I’m Lori Hensley. I’m a mother of two wonderful young men. I’m from a little town called Harlan County Kentucky. I have resided in Georgia for the past 23 years. I have always loved to write all my life, but I’ve never published or posted anything. I’m probably not you typical blogger as I write about anything including explicit details about sexual encounters but most importantly I try to reach out to others who just simply need to hear there’s a chance they can make it through their life with all the horrible struggles we endure.

I’ve been through more hell than I care for & that has caused me to be the strong woman I am today not to mention my very loving, independent mother who still pushes me around & won’t ever let me quit even though I lost her in 2012, I still hear her words today.

Some silly facts about me: I love the colors purple & black. Boxer bulldogs are my favorite dog, oh & I lovvvve dogs! I drive a pick up truck, pretty much the only thing I prefer to drive. I like working with wood & any kind of tool I can use lol, I love building & making anything of any sort. I love cooking & I’m good at it. I love um, well…sex & I’m good at that too haha! But seriously I love writing short sexy, dirty stories. Writing has always been a passion & now I can fly as high as I’d like with it! Want to know anything else just ask me. I hope you enjoy my blog & YouTube channel as well. Thanks for visiting!!!






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