Thank You

Thanks for abandoning me

Thanks for not being there for me

Thanks for all the deceit

Thanks for not taking care of me when I needed you when I was sick

Thanks for putting me in a dark place for over a year

Thanks for making me feel like I wasn’t good enough for anyone

Thanks for always putting me last

Thanks for making me feel so unattractive & unwanted

Thanks for causing me to be afraid of men & relationships

Thanks for leaving me with no home, no money, & no vehicle

Thanks for the lies & infidelity

Thanks for attempting to trash my name & my character

Thanks for never comforting me while I sat in the bathroom sobbing over you hurting me time & time again

Thanks for never being interested in my wants or needs

Thanks for allowing my pillow to dry up my tears instead of you

Thanks for absolutely shattering my heart into a million pieces


Thank you for everything that you didn’t do, or attempted to do to me out of evilness, because now I am a much stronger woman

Now I can clearly see my worth & it is great, I am great

Now I realize that I am just as beautiful as any woman

I have come to love new things, as well as the things you caused me to forget about that I always loved to do

I can breathe & survive without you. That I only truly needed myself to be happy

Thanks for allowing me to search & find myself, my true self without the pain wrapping around me like a bubble

I wake up with a smile on my face because of the freedom I have in my life

My walk is lighter

My thoughts are clearer

My confidence has returned

I notice the clouds & nature again, embracing their beauty & peacefulness

The darkness has left my life, & replaced with cheerful bliss

I sleep better

I laugh more

I can get lost watching a movie without my mind racing

Life just feels good again

No more nightmares

Every day that goes by that you are silent…I forget about you a little more

So….. Thank you for the awful disgusting things you did to me, & for the things you were either too ignorant, or immaturely didn’t do for me

Now I am an even better woman.

Thank you


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