Let Them Go..

Do not waste another day crying, being down & depressed, beating yourself up, etc.

I promise you, they’re not thinking about you. They’re not worried about you. They never even loved you. They treated you like dirt, so why waste another moment of your life even thinking about them?

They don’t deserve you. Recognize yourself.

Let the trash gooooo.

You are an amazing person. You do not need validation from a person who acted as if you were the piece of shit that they definitely are!

Allow someone to finally treat you the way you’ve always deserved to be treated.

Ignore the love bombing from your ex, it’s just another big fat lie because they’re not done using you one more time.

Don’t worry about what is being said about you. Your truths will rot their lies!

So go on… Get up. Get out there & live your life. If that ex was worth it, they’d be beside you. Now they’re behind you for a reason.

It was a lesson, a major lesson, but it was never love.

Love yourself a little bit more every day, & they will fade. I promise you.

Get up. Get out. Go on.

I don’t know who needed to hear this, but here it is. Your sign to close the lid on the trash can, & let it get dumped into the trash truck.

New day. New start. New love. New life.

Your happiness is your health. Take care of You.

Love, Lori

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