In That Moment

Oh at how I loved you

I loved you more than myself

Inside your arms used to feel like home

Your kiss used to make me forget the world around me

Your face in my hands when we kissed was my FAVORITE

Your notifications gave me butterflies

I gave you my whole heart

No games, no lies, no infidelity

I changed my world for you

I gave up my everything for you

I sang to you, remember?

I was going to take your last name, & give even more of myself to you

All I could see was you

I was in love with you


You changed

You’re true self was exposed

You were never in love with me, nor did you have any love for me

You resented me, spited me, humiliated me

You raised your hand at me screaming I deserved to be hit, because I found out dirty shit about you. You hit me in the face with your cell phone bout knocking my glasses off in your truck while driving. You smacked me in the face with a wet paintbrush because once again I busted you on your shit

Your attempt at making me seem crazy failed

But your attempt at destroying my heart was won

You used me

You gaslit me

You love bombed me

You lied to me, & about me behind my back

You projected every fault you have, & every evil thing you did to me….onto me as if I was the monster

I’m educated now

Your narcissism & pathological lying are well known & noticed immediately

There’s two of us that you claimed are your best friends. Should I let the other one know how you feel about her as well? Or shall I let her continue to be used by you too? What about these new women that have no clue of the monster that stands before them?

You used me… Flat out used me

You abused me financially, mentally, & emotionally only for your selfish reasons of never wanting to be alone

You left me homeless while you spread the word of how crazy I was so you’d be praised for your nightmarish deeds that you have done to me

Still to this day you run my name & character in the ground to protect your ugly ass character

Guess what…. I hate you

I hate everything you’ve done to me

After 7 months I let you near me & you used me again just to have sex

I had a cancer scare & you immediately ghosted me. Everything you had put me through & you couldn’t even throw some comforting words my way. You ghosted me

I no longer look, or think of you like I did. It makes me sick at my stomach to even hear your name. You’re disgusting

I hate you

You are the worst type of man there is

I hate that I gave, & wasted years of my life on a pathetic piece of shit like you

By the way, I know you slept with your other best friend while I was at work when we got back together the last time. I suppose y’all thought that was a haha moment for the 2 of you, but the jokes on both of you. You’ll see

You’ll have to answer one day for all the ways you wronged me to God

In that moment when I woke up & could see just how clearly you are in fact a piece of shit, a devil…..I was free!!!!

Never again will you ever & I mean never ever hurt me or abuse me or use me again!!!

I no longer hate your exes because I know you treated all of us the same. None of them nor I are crazy or shitty people. You’re the common denominator, you’re the problem. You’re the cheating, lying, abusing narcissist.

I am free from you!

In that moment, I smiled from deep within because life became beautiful again…..


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