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Letter to my future husband❤️

I can dream can’t I??? It’s all I have anyways…is dreams.

Dear Love,
I’m writing you this letter ahead of time, before I even meet you. I want you to know ahead of time that my love is strong & true.

I will love you deeply like you’ve never been loved before. I will do absolutely anything for you. I will care for you. I will help you in anyway. I will cook & take care of our home.

You will get massages when you need them. I will make love to you every night and be your little freak. I will cuddle up to you to feel safe. I will always be there when you just want to talk or be goofy. I will go anywhere with you.

I will sneak & get into the shower with you just to be against you. I will make funny faces in the mirror with you while we get ready for our day. I will sit with your head in my lap & do nothing but run my fingers through your hair & trace the outline of your face with my finger tips. Coupling your face as I kiss you.

You are amazing to me. I only see you. I only want you. I’m only in love with you. I will talk when your game is on because I’m bored. I will drive your truck just because it’s yours. I will steal your shirts to sleep in.

You will never be given a reason to doubt me or to not trust me, ever.
I’m not a girly girl, I will help you work on your truck and help with the yard work. I will smile and stare at you while you sleep, not because I’m weird but because I love you and that your mine. You can’t go fishing without me because I love it too. You will be woke up by me fondling you and caressing you. You will be the only man that my eyes see. I will always want to be in your arms so try not to be too irritated with me lol. I will go ahead and warn you that laying in bed or snuggled on the couch I will almost always want your fingers…somewhere, mmm.

Please take the time to think about my feelings and bring me gifts for certain occasions or yourself, do not forget about me. All I ask from you is that you only have eyes for me and only love me. Never leave me nor abandon me. Never make me look stupid. And please no matter what…never make me feel unwanted or feel like I’m not enough.
Love your future wife ❤️

Love, Lori💜

Lori Hensley

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