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Her Thunder

All of her life she knew she wanted something more. Something more that she couldn’t explain in words. Something that was so strong that it overwhelmed her. It was powerful. Something that had to be felt not spoken with words.

All of her life she knew she was different, not your typical lady in the bedroom. Her desires are not like most women’s.

She fell in love. She was almost ready to unravel those hidden desires that absolutely no one on this earth knows except her. She’s spoken not a word to a soul about her.

By herself she can fulfill some of the hidden pleasures that she craves. She needs a man, a beast strong enough to be her partner. As she pleasures herself in the dim lighted room, you can hear the thunder as her desires are unleashing.

Her heart pounds. Her naked body trembles. A look in her beautiful eyes that no man has ever seen. She’ll pull you in like no other woman ever has in your life.

She fell in love. She prepared herself & her thoughts. Allowing just anyone to view this secret part of her wasn’t allowed at all. For she waited.

Her devilish look. Her sweating, damp body longed to share her desires with a beast that was able to withstand everything she desired.

This woman was a secret. You will never be able to notice the hidden woman within her when she smiled at you, when she spoke to you, when she embraced you. Some, but very few sensed something about her, but was clueless to the dark magical thunder that raged inside of her.

She thought she had found him, her beast, the one to hold her hand as they entered her unknown world to become one in it. The thunder crackled loudly with glimpses of her secretness shown in the flashes of light.


She was wrong.

She was devastated.

She reached into her world, dropped the key in the middle of it & locked the door, then bashed the knob to get inside. She walked away sadly with a shattered heart.

She fell in love, but he wasn’t her beast.

She was so sure, but he walked away & disappeared into the smoky air at the end of her hall. He was gone…..

Her thunder still rolls. Her heart will continue to search for her beast. For she knows he’s out there somewhere waiting, waiting for the woman he sees in his secret world. His thunder crackles & he sees her in the flashes. For one day they will meet, they will know each other.

The thunder inside of both of their hearts will roll loudly because they will become one that very moment they meet….

The overwhelming desires will become normal for them for they know & seek the same. Pleased her beast will be for the rest of his life. No other will be able to come close in comparing with something so dark & deep as their pleasures with each other.



Lori Hensley

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