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Love yourself first!

Love Facts. Don’t Be Blindsided.

If Someone Loves You:

They’ll do everything to keep you.

They’ll cherish you.

They’ll want to do things for you.

They’ll want the best for you.

They’ll want to hold you.

They’ll want to sleep next to you every night.

They’ll want a future with you because they can’t see their life without you in it.

They’ll change for you without you having to even ask.

They’ll dread leaving for work, and hurry to get back home to you.

They’ll include you in everything about them.

They’ll truly be interested in learning everything about you.

They’ll strive to make you laugh, or feel better when you’re down.

They’ll remove any & every female that opposes a threat whether in real life or on social media. They’re not going to entertain any females other than you.

Their attention is all on you.

They’ll take your feelings seriously, & never purposely hurt you.

They will not cheat on you no matter how rough things get. It won’t be their first option, you are their priority.

And many more….

If Someone Doesn’t Love You:

They’ll promise anything you want to hear, but make excuses when it’s time to fulfill them. Even marriage. That happened to me once, & he waited until we were halfway through our vacation to let me know that he was in fact not going to marry me because I was a problem. I was told I was a financial train wreck. Lol.

They’ll never let go of their extra females. They will hide them from you at all costs.

They don’t even realize you have feelings.

They will absolutely not hurt other women’s feelings to protect yours.

They won’t respect you or anything about you or anything you have.

They will belittle you but make it seem like they’re just joking.

They forget about you.

They don’t remember things that are important to you that you told them.

They will have you feeling like a second option to their phone…. Always!

They will know exactly where their phone is at all times, bathroom, yard, eating, sleeping, etc.

They will get violently upset if you ask questions about their phone behavior, or their whereabouts, or time frames.

They’ll never agree to having family/couple GPS. It makes them angry that you know their whereabouts.

They will literally stare at other women & flirt with them right in front of you, as well as on social media.

They will lie. They will delete messages. They will twist arguments to keep fingers from being pointed at them.

They stop showing any interest in you sexually, but will act like a teenager over a random picture of a strange woman or an actress on TV.

They breakup with you frequently, & they’re able to have sex with another woman the same night y’all parted ways, even though they screamed they didn’t have energy for sex anymore. They have no regrets & it doesn’t phase them at all, even though it cuts you like a knife. They don’t care.

And many more….

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice these behaviors. But sometimes we just become so in love with someone that we choose to not see the Red Flags.

I believe the hardest part is shaking off & letting go of the person you want to believe they are. That charming love bombing person in the beginning, but that’s not who they really are. That’s just how they get laid so easily. They love the thrill of the hunt, but once they’ve caught you, they discard you for a new supply after they become very bored with you. They’re good at it for a reason. They’ve been doing it for a long time. Hurting & using many women.

Just hold out for the one that loves you & cherishes you. Life is too short to be with someone who doesn’t love you & makes you miserable.

Love isn’t supposed to hurt. It isn’t complicated. It doesn’t hide you. Etc, etc, etc.

They’re so many men/women out there that are praying for someone like you. Dont settle for less than ever again. When the bad ones have you then let you go, they have no idea how lucky they are until they see someone else enjoying you & your love you tried so desperately to give to them. Let them watch. Let them miss out. They once had your full undivided attention, but they took advantage of your love, & of you. Let Them Go…

Love, Lori

Lori Hensley

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