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Love yourself first!

Love Is…

Love is kind

Love is happiness

Love is thoughtful

Love is respectful

Love is trustworthy

Love is peace


Love is when someone cannot get enough of you. When someone forgets time while taking care of your needs. Someone that’s never too tired for you. Someone that never purposely neglects you. Someone that shows you love, & not just says it expecting blind everything in return.

Never allow anyone to take advantage of your heart. Never allow them to try to destroy your heart by making you seem worthless, simply because they’re not in love with you. Never be with or stay with someone that has deliberately lied to you, hurt you repeatedly, & has portrayed their own ugly ass self & actions onto/(as) you to their family & friends. Making everyone you both know believe that you are the relationship killer, the narcissist, the liar the cheater, etc. Never believe someone loves you that has stood in your face ready to swing on you, screaming that you deserve to be hit with their hand inches from your face….that person does not have anything for you. No love, respect, care, etc, at all for you. If you escape unscathed, never return to them! Your heart will heal.

Open your eyes & be watching out for the one that’ll sweep you off of your feet with true love, not just a toxic love bombing stage so they can get laid, & wipe their feet on you some more until they’re bored wanting a new supply. If you’re dumped every 3-4 months like clock work, you’re with someone that is using you. You have become their doormat. Run.

That real man/woman that’s meant for you will bring you so much joy…

Good people deserve good people. Shitty people get what they deserve. No revenge seeking is needed, just enjoy your life & if you’re lucky… God will let you watch them get what they deserve, as they will watch you love someone other than them, that can get it right the first time. Someone enjoying your love that you used to give to them. Someone staring into your pretty eyes, with you looking at them like you used to look at your evil person. Someone making you smile brighter than you ever have! No more crying on the bathroom floor. No more walking on eggshells. No falling asleep with tears in your eyes wondering why loving them was so wrong of you to do. No more being disrespected, or threatened to be hit, or lies told about you behind your back to family & friends. And so many many more…

Hold out for them… Don’t give yourself or your body away to useless fools while waiting. You may end up in the cold arms of another narcissist, or an abuser, or even worse.

Love & respect yourself.

Lori 💪😘

Lori Hensley

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