I Hear You.. Mom

I hear you…

As I sit by the creek listening to the ripples of the water, I hear you..

When the wind gently brushes my hair, I hear you..

The soft whispering wind gliding through the tree tops, I hear you..

The waves crashing so beautifully on the shore, I hear you..

Your soft voice is heard through the rain dancing on my roof, I hear you..

Old songs with sentimental values, I hear you..

My heart pounding so loudly during exciting moments, I hear you..

The warm sun lightly touching my face, I hear you..

Familiar sweet perfumes, I hear you..

Same facial features as you, I hear you..

During loneliness, sickness, & dark days, I hear you..

When I close my eyes in remembrance of your voice, I still hear you mom..



I’ve wrote to you & about you mom throughout my blog. I am a very blessed woman to have had such a wonderful, beautiful, intelligent mother like you who was my best friend of all time.

Sometimes I see the color of your blue eyes in the sky & I smile.

Sometimes when life is hard or I’m faced with something difficult, I feel you nudging me. You always inspired me to do whatever I wanted to do that made me happy & you believed in me more than anyone else in my life.

I miss you today just as much as I did the day you left me here alone on this earth a little over eight years ago. I watched you breathe your last breath, I felt a part of myself leave with you & I haven’t been whole since.

Some are not so lucky to have had such a tight bond with their mom, & for that I know I was blessed to have you mom……



I long for the day we are reunited. You were my mom, my best friend, my rock, my everything.

I love you momma

RIP Linda Mae Woodall

Love your daughter, Lori Mae


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