Thoughts Of Life

Thoughts Of Life

Do you ever wish that you could go back into your past & change things?

I think as we get older & realize that there is more days behind us than ahead of us, we begin to think back on our lives. Those regrets. Those mistakes made. The things we never did that we always wanted to do. Things said that you cannot take back. Things done that you cannot undo.

But what about time wasted? Time wasted at jobs that went nowhere? Time wasted in relationships that ended? Time wasted dreaming & never doing? Time wasted is something that we can never get back.

No matter what you do, you cannot bring back time or add time to your life. So with that being said, what do we do now? We know we can’t go back, & we know we can’t add time to our life. So now the thoughts should be about our present lives. Are we working at or for the career we really want? Are we happy with our jobs? Are we happy with our current financial situations? Are we happy with our relationships? Are we happy with where we live, the state or the home? Do we hang around people that bring us down? Do we work at jobs that bring tons of stress? Do we hang around family that are toxic but we feel like we have to have them in our lives because they’re family? There’s so many more things to list about our lives, but you personally know where you stand, & what you do, & what makes you happy or unhappy, & so on.

Change is hard. The older we get we sometimes think, ‘Why change now?’.

Have you ever got lost in thought about how you would redo parts of your life? I have many times. The thing that sucks is that when you’re done dreaming about it, you snap back into reality knowing it did no good & never will.

So from my perspective, the best thing to do is to examine your life in the ‘now’. Start ‘now’ on bettering yourself, your family, your relationship, your career, your home, your dreams, & even the clutter in your home. Examine it all. Remind yourself that you have already lost many years of regretted years, don’t allow anymore regrets in your life.

  1. If you want a specific job/career, then go after it by all means even if you need a degree for it.
  2. If you want a better place to live, then do something about it.
  3. If you want happiness, then remove whatever makes you unhappy.
  4. If you have a dream, then start right now working towards it & don’t give up again laying down the plans.
  5. If you love someone for the love of God please let them know, show them every single day with actual proof not just words, do whatever the hell it takes to make them trust & love you as much as you love them to enjoy the rest of this life together.

Think of everything as this is your last shot in life to make it right because it actually is, because time is so very very short. Do you honestly want to waste anymore time of your life? This isn’t hogwash, this is our lives. Our short lives at that.
Life is meant to be happy

We have an unwritten future…write a good one

Only you can change your life. No one can do anything for you, we have to step up to the plate & decide that enough is enough. You have to be bold for yourself & claim the life you want, claim the job you want, claim the happiness you want, & claim the girl/guy you want as your forever person.

Just think about it, think about you
Love, Lori



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