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A Man That Loves & Cares For You

You wouldn’t ever be alone.

You wouldn’t ever do without.

You would never fall asleep not knowing where you stand in his life.

He will keep promises he’s made to you. Not just say them to build you up for a downfall.

He’s not your bank, but he would help you.

He’s not your doctor, but he would take care of you.

He’s not a chef, but he will feed you.

He will put you above other women regardless. Regardless.

He would never make you look stupid to other women.

He would make other women feel stupid for even attempting to have a conversation without your knowing.

He would make other women jealous of you. Never leave a spot for you to feel jealous of another woman. At all.

No other female friend would be hidden nor would he have conversations with them. You are his best friend, & his woman, period.

He would never cheat on you or lie to you.

He will show you off.

He would never make you cry intentionally.

He would never go hours without talking to you.

He would never go days without seeing you.

No matter what’s going on in each others lives, time would be made. Period.

His phone would be of unimportance except for family & business & you of course.

All females that threatened even a small amount would be cut off. He wouldn’t want you to think someone else has a chance, or that someone else has his eye, or someone else is knowing his business, its only the two of you that should know.

No female should have his personal phone number except you, his momma, family, & business.

There is no exceptions period with another female.

Females would never feel welcomed into his home, his vehicle, or at his job when you’re away. That’s his woman’s territory only. Only her scent should fill his home, & she should be the only woman he’s seen with.

He would listen to you when you talk, not his phone.

He would know what you said two days ago because he listens to you.

He knows your needs.

He knows your strengths & your weaknesses.

He knows your favorite foods.

He knows your favorite color.

He knows the color of your eyes.

He rushes home to see you or comes to you wherever you are. He’s never too tired to come to you.

He makes plans to come see you, not tell you to come by whenever. A real man makes plans before the woman has to even think about it.

He shows interest in most of everything you do or like.

He spends time with you, he makes time just for the two of you.

A man changes for a woman he knows is good for him, a woman that loves him. She doesn’t try nor have to change him, he does it for the good of the relationship, for her, for them.

Same as a good man, a good woman will appreciate a good man & everything he does for her. She will return the same care & love showing him he is her king. She will love him madly, & take care of his heart & soul. They would be inseparable. If love is in the relationship, working at keeping it great will come natural & will be easy to do. ~They would be each others match for life~

A woman should be able to experience all these things with a man. It takes a man that’s ready to be a man. An immature grown female will deal with these things because all she searches for is a temporary immature man. Just long enough to fill her needs & she moves on, same as the immature man. A real woman & a real man will not tolerate anything less from the other partner as stated above.

Most relationships don’t work because only one partner is trying. The other partner, rather its the male or female isn’t ready to change or give up their old habits, or their connections. With that, the real man or woman will feel unwanted & out of place. They’re searching for someone who is real. They’re longing for someone whom they can trust their life with, trust their heart with. Someone to build a solid relationship with that makes single people & those in not so happy relationships…..jealous of.

A strong bond. An unbreakable bond. A love built so tough that one partner can’t live without the other one.

Why would anyone want to waste their life any longer with anything less?

Why would anyone choose a lonely miserable life over one that can fulfil their every need?

Worst of all….How can a man awaken a good woman’s love with no intention of loving her back? How can a man fall asleep at night knowing that a woman is up crying over him all night? Where does he get the audacity to treat her as one of the immature females? How can he go days without even wanting to see her knowing all she wants is to love him? All she wants is the best for him. All she wants is to be in his arms. She’s called crazy, pushy, & compared to horrible women. She’s ignored, left alone with only herself & the silence. She’s put beneath everyone else including other unknown women in his presence when she’s not allowed to be around him, when she has put him above everyone else including herself. Questionable times of ignored calls that he explains with only more confusion that don’t add up. Cruel words even attitudes towards her that were uncalled for, she didn’t deserve them. Excuses for every minute of every day that goes by as to why he hasn’t called or come to see her. She’s knocked down emotionally by him so badly she cannot breath or function.

Unreal pain that will not leave her. She cannot sleep, eat, work, think, or talk. All she has energy for is staring out the window. Wondering why. Why me? What did I do to deserve to be made so happy only to have it ripped away from me?

All she asks over & over to the walls of her own home….What did I do to deserve this Lord?

He was her night in shining armor, her dream come true, her fairytale, her world, her beast, her match………And he doesn’t want her.


Lori Hensley

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