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You Are Stronger Than You Feel

You’re not alone in this world…

Situations throughout our lives can put us in a state of mind that will make us miserable. And sometimes they will leave us feeling alone. Maybe you’re actually alone, no one to talk to or lean on. I’ve been there.

Whether you’re rich or poor, living in a nice place or living in a tent, money in the bank or only a few cents to your name. Being or feeling depressed or lost or alone will bring you down to lows you didn’t know could exist inside of you. You’re status no longer matters when you hit a emotionally low spot.

Maybe it is or was a job. Maybe it was a bad fallout with the family. Maybe the love of your life just walked away. Maybe you lost someone special. Maybe you made what you thought was a good choice with your finances, but it blew up & you lost everything. Maybe some bad things in your past haunt you on a daily basis, & you’re at a point that you just can’t take it anymore.

Most of us have dealt with or are dealing with some bad to horrible situations in life.

You’re not alone…

Do you find yourself crying more than laughing? Have you noticed that you have slowly isolated yourself? Maybe you’ve lost interest in the things you used to love doing.

I don’t know how to help anyone personally, but I do know what it feels like to feel alone, & to be at rock bottom not once, twice, or three times….but many times. Fall & get back up over & over. You wonder if it’ll ever get to at least a comforting level. I do feel led to write. I really do. Some of the things I went through in my life can help others, even if its only a few.

I will describe a day of one of my past misery days….. You sit in one general spot. Tears are constantly in your eyes. Every heartbeat feels like it pounds your chest. You keep looking at your phone or looking out your door, but no one is ever there. It seems as if no one even thinks about you. You don’t feel hungry, so you don’t realize you haven’t ate in days. You have no energy to even think about showering. You stop showing up to your job, giving them excuses. Your cry sessions are so intense it feels like your soul is crying out. You feel helpless, ashamed, embarrassed, hurt, confused, lost, or the worst…..forgotten.

But I am able to say to you that you most definitely can get up from that messy pile of junk. That’s what it is, junk. I know you’re thinking no it’s not just junk, I feel really bad or stuck. I said & thought the same things. I blamed everyone that ever put me in a bad spot, but ultimately a lot of the decisions was my own fault even if they were at fault as well. You’re an adult, own up to your faults. I know that just pissed someone off because it did me too when I first read it somewhere. I threw my phone & cussed it.

Here’s the thing. Only YOU can pull yourself out of your mess! People can give you their words or time, but until you want to get up & walk away from this depressing state you’re going to sit right there in it.

One day I woke up & decided I didn’t want to feel that way anymore. I made myself walk outside & walk around for a few minutes. And hour later I wanted to do it again, so I did. A few hours later I found myself in the shower. By bedtime I felt like I was starving to death, my appetite came back so I ate supper. Little steps are actually big steps in situations like that. Within a week I was sleeping normal, working, & noticed that I hadn’t cried in days.

It may not go that quick with you so don’t give up. It doesn’t mean I’m stronger or wiser or that my situation wasn’t as bad as yours. We’re all different & we heal in our own ways & on our own time. And I’m not at all saying that I won’t find myself in that spot again someday. Life is hard as hell.

No matter how many times you fall, get the hell back up!

Life is too short to stay down. No one on this earth has a right to rule over you with their power & keep you down. No situation is strong enough to keep you down & make you feel as if its all over, try again.

Make your way to your kitchen & make that cup of coffee even if your hands are trembling. Do it.

No one on the face of this earth can stand up for you like you can for yourself.

You’re happiness crushes anyone or anything that pushed you into that state of mind or situation. So live & laugh & love yourself enough to stand back up.

Love, Lori

Lori Hensley

4 thoughts on “You Are Stronger Than You Feel

  1. I find the current state of affairs irritating more than anything. Under the current lockdown in our state, capacities are 25% or 75 people whichever is lower. 75 people is a very low number for most stores, especially big box stores, therefore, there are long lines to get into most stores that are allowed to be open. The shut-off valve on the cold water to the bathroom sinks started leaking last week. I had to shut off the cold water. Normally, I would have ran out to Lowe’s, bought a new shut-off valve and replaced the leaky one the same day I discovered it. However, since I don’t want to stand in line for 45 minutes to buy a $4 part, we are getting on without cold water in the bathroom sinks. I have no alternative to Lowe’s or Home Depot because all the mom and pop hardware stores have closed. I’m not depressed, I’m just extremely irritated. I hope everything is going well for you?

    1. I understand. I am doing good, thanks. I’m in a good place & I’m in a good relationship with the man I love. Just reaching out to those that may be standing where I used to.

      1. Fantastic. Besides getting irritated. We are doing well living in our bit of paradise with our lovely critters.

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