Holiday Magic

Holiday Magic

Hello strangers lol!!! I haven’t wrote in a little while. I have been incognito from my blog again. I’ve been working on my life and living life. Haven’t had the words to really write yet but I am getting there as I’m working on writing books. They’re taking a lot of my thinking space haha.

So I was thinking about the holidays that are near us, and my childhood memories along with when my sons were young. I do miss all the cooking and decorating for Thanksgiving and Christmas with them. I miss it a lot! I was a hard core Christmas decorator of inside and outside our home. I would start 3-4 months before Thanksgiving building and planning all the Christmas decorations to go up.

It became a major love of mine and it still is even though I haven’t decorated in about 5 years now. Life gets in the way sometimes. But at almost 45 years old, I am still looking out my window like a child at other peoples decorations as I go by.

You know the holiday happiness I’m talking about right? I know you do. Most of us grew up experiencing the wonderful and magical excitement when November rolled around until the new year. Family, fun, presents, tons of good food, and the ‘jump in the car we’re going to look at Christmas lights drive’. I know most of us remember all of that, and how special all of it was.

It seems it just fades away as we get older. I truly do miss it all.

I think back to all the planning and preparing of all the food I cooked. All the preparations of the decorating. Getting to see my momma and second mom (my mother n law), who have both passed away now. Both of which were always excited for my holiday dinners. They ate til they couldn’t move lol. And my sons ate on the leftovers for days.

Candy canes and icicles all over the house. Dogs sneaking off with candy canes they stole from the Christmas tree. Cinnamon candles burning. Up at 5am beginning the hours of cooking. Throwing on my big coat to go out and fix half a line of lights that went out….again lol.

The little things make everything special. They really do.

I’m going to challenge myself as well as each one of you to at least attempt to do something that’ll bring a little bit of that holiday magic back to you and your family. If it’s just putting up your tree that’s been sitting in storage for years that smells funny. Or hanging a strand of lights around your door. Or cooking up your favorite dish. Life is too short, and we need to get back to us and our family. The bills and life stressors will always be there tomorrow. Take a break and spend time with your loved ones, the people that matter the most in your world.

I’m serious, dig out that old Christmas stuff and decorate something. Dig out and old recipe. Listen to those favorite Christmas songs……Do it.

Love, Lori

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