In That Moment

In That Moment

She walks this earth alone

She longs for someone to want to know her, to love her, to never let her down

For now, complete isolation is the only place she finds her happiness. There’s not one soul in the world that can hurt her in her fantasy kingdom that way

Tear soaked pillows. Swollen eyes. Tissues scattered. She’s so tired of it all

No one is ever there when she cries out, no one

She’s independent & strong, but she still needs love, true love

She can hear the birds chirping & the wind blowing when everyone else focuses on work & worries

She loved a couple of men but now she is truly terrified to love again

Her isolation is what feels like home to her, not a man’s arms

Watering eyes every time she wonders why she couldn’t catch his eye, why he couldn’t just be the man she wanted him to be

In those moments it seems time stands still

She rushes home from work or hurries away from people to get back to her isolation. No one understands

No one understands her at all

She stopped regretting the love she gave away because she realized how big her heart is. How much love & care & tenderness & patience she had for those that didn’t even give her the time of the day

For the man that finds her broken isolated heart, is the man that will truly experience love from a woman


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