Motivation (or the lack of)

Motivation (or the lack of)


Hello everyone!

I decided to write this post because I can relate to it & I’m talking to myself as well as you. Becoming motivated is a difficult task, but remaining motivated is an even harder task. I know from experience.

If yesterday was a flop, today is a new day. Begin again. Try again.

Because I do have anxiety & depression….a horrible combination let me tell you. Most of the time I am high strung but I will have a few days to a week where I just lay down & sulk (that’s what I call my depression), I refuse to feed it & give it too much power over me. One of my goals is to be in shape but I was super skinny so I purposely ate non stop until I started gaining weight. I wouldn’t exercise at all, stupid I know but I was really small. I’m still pretty small but I did manage to gain weight in boobs, butt, & hips….& of course my belly lol. This getting in shape goal has proven to become a difficult goal. It is hard to stay motivated & some days I simply forget to set time aside to work out.

Self motivation is hard, but it’s exactly what it says it is…not needing encouragement from others. Even though it’s a little difficult it can be very rewarding knowing you motivated yourself alone to achieve goals that you set out to accomplish. Fake being motivated & positive when you’re just not feeling it. It rewires your brain & most of the time you will begin to feel positive in a few minutes.

Work on your attitude. Attitude motivation is how you feel & think about yourself. Feeling good about your future & goals will most likely have you achieving anything you’ve set out to do.



Some days I wake up & I just want to lay in bed all day. It’s rare that I do but sometimes I need a lazy day. But allowing yourself to do that everyday is just teaching yourself to be lazy. You just have to get up & fake being positive. Do little things, little goals around the house. Before you know it, you’re out in the yard chopping down trees lol.

Make lists. Set goals. Plan out time frames.

Some people set small goals, but if you set bigger goals it can tend to create a lot of motivation. Make the lists of whatever you want to accomplish. Put it in plain view, not thrown in a drawer & forgotten. Treat the lists important, I mean it’s important to you enough to make the list, shouldn’t you at least act like it is? Setting a time frame is a good idea, but make room for family & life. Do not revolve around anything 24/7. You will become burnt out quickly.

Life is short. If you really want or need something done, then do it. Just remember to live in the process. Balance.

Develop enthusiasm about doing what needs to be done. Visualize the whole picture. For example: You’re working over to make the money needed to fix your vehicle. You’ve purchased the parts. You’re dreading actually working on it so the parts are just laying there. You accomplished half the goal. Look at the vehicle already back up & running, how happy that’ll make you. Fake self motivate until you become motivated, then approach that vehicle like you’re a certified mechanic to complete this goal. I’m not saying your goal is that small, it’s just an example.

Stay away from ‘sad sallies’ that always bring you down. Don’t be reading negative or depressing stories. Keep positivity in your life as much as possible.

Keep your goals to yourself. You’re much more likely to achieve them if no one knows anything about them. No one can put negativity on you or bring you down if they don’t know about it.


I have a few small & big goals myself that I want to accomplish. Keeping them to myself has proved to me how hard it is to do that because I’m a talker. I like to talk & write sharing whatever. But I have realized the theory about no one knowing so no one can be negative is very true.

I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned on how to become & stay motivated. It is a daily all day long challenge for me as I’m sure I’m not alone with this.


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