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I’ve wrote many times about things I’m going through & growing through. I’ve ranted, cried, stomped my feet, etc, through my posts.

It’s been two months since I’ve wrote anything in my blog. I have truly been busy working but also busy working on myself.

It isn’t physical or financial, but mentally & spiritually in a better place for myself. I’ve fought with & against myself trying to bring myself out of the mindset & funk I was dealing with. I want away from the same train ride before it wrecks so to speak.

I’m not getting any younger. I want my future to be filled with happiness & that’s something I learned…..happiness is within yourself….Not the things you can buy or the people around you. It begins with you & you only.

Just like I’ve learned over the years… You don’t get happiness from a friend, a marriage, a house, online shopping, etc. It begins inside of your heart & mind. You have to retrain yourself, your thinking, your feelings, your actions. YOU…have to.

I do feel a lot better. I do see things clearer now. And I’m getting that fire back to work on my ‘now’ & my future. Yes finances can bring you so far down in a dark place that you cannot see no way out, but like me, you’ve got to fight.

Pay attention to the people you’re around. The environment at your job. Your neighbors. Just pay attention to any negativity around you….now, get out if it. Remove yourself from the equation because negativity will not walk off, you have to.

I am still human so I do still get mad, cry, & pitch a fit on occasion, but I don’t stay there anymore. Scream, kick a tree, dust yourself off & try again. Keep trying until you find your path, your way.

You are unique. What’s best for you is only known by you. You’re the only one that can dig deep down & pull who you truly are….out. Let yourself shine to your fullest potential.

Another big thing I learned is that you cannot force anything. You can work for it the best you can, love it, or beg but the absolute best thing to do is get into a new mindset. You will receive whatever or whoever is meant for your life. Remember that. There’s nothing wrong with working for or fighting for what or who you want, but if the path keeps shifting, then you should probably shift with it.

I do love myself more these days. I can see my own worth & honestly if anyone disrespects or belittles me or acts as if I’m worthless…….they are released back into the wild, out of my life. This has been people, jobs, debt items, & even clothes lol. Sometimes you have to learn to let go to be able to breath & smile again.

I do work a lot but I’m still able to take moments where I notice the clouds in the sky, listen to the birds sing, to close my eyes enjoying a hot bath. The little things are the big great things.

I am coming back to my old self who was a happy woman. I’ve been dabbling with my hobbies again. You know the little quirky things that make

I’m considering writing the book I’ve been wanting to write for awhile now. But the strange thing is, is that I’ve matured some more lol, & learned so much that the actual story has changed. I reckon that’s good though.

I used to think getting older was a dreadful thing, but it’s actually a beautiful thing. The older you get the better your mindset is. So strange but true. We all have had a lot of lessons we’ve learned from so it makes sense.

You can read through here & there in my blog & see my ups & downs. Some of isn’t pretty or joyful, but maybe like for some others, it may help you in some way as well.

Keep fighting for yourself!

No one can walk your path except you!

Love, Lori

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