To Feel Loved…

To Feel Loved…

I wonder what it would be like to ‘feel’ loved

To love and be loved back in the same ways

To be completely respected

To feel so safe in his arms

To ‘just’ know he’d never cheat on you, not even have a secret conversation with another woman, to never have to worry about it

To watch him hurt other women’s feelings to save yours

To see yourself be put first by him above any other female other than a child or his momma without you saying a word because he respects you

To believe his words are true

To be able to trust him with your thoughts, your secrets, your desires, your life

For me it seems impossible, but could it be possible?

For someone to enjoy your quirky hobbies

Someone that can handle your mood swings because he ‘knows’ you

Someone that’d do anything for you

Someone that’d never purposely ignore you just because

Someone that didn’t want to be away from you…ever

I mean seriously…. Someone that was scared to death of losing you….So he proves his love with actions not useless words

Someone that never left room for questions of betrayal

What would that feel like???

I’m sure a lot of us want to know, want to experience that kind of love. I sure as hell do.

I can give that kind of love 100%, but receiving that same love back is fiction to me.

After being lied to, cheated on, etc, so on & so on, you tend to think that there isn’t any good ones left.

My last relationship was one that has taught me that I am worth so much more. That I deserve the world. If I can love the wrong person with that much intensity for someone that rejected me & wanted nothing to do with it….could you imagine how happy a man that’s grown up & grown out of his teenager whore stage will be? Could you just imagine? Hell I know what I can offer & I want to feel what he will feel! And to be able to have a man that will love me back like I love him?!?! Could you just imagine how great that would be? How strong that would be? How intense it would be in the bedroom? I can just see me always running up to be in his arms…..& him not making excuses to push me away but would want to embrace me just as much. Seems like a dream to me but hopefully soon I’ll experience it

Someone that was happy with your body & didn’t want you to change anything about yourself in that sense

I want to know what love is. I want to feel it

I want to feel that safeness again but for it to stay forever

I don’t know who he is, but I promise he’ll be one hell of a happy man….just ask my ex’s, they know somewhat but they’ve never fully experienced me because I wasn’t loved back 100%. I held myself back because I felt they weren’t deserving of me even though they all think they seen all of me….they didn’t

To be surprised by him & not forgotten by him

To just be loved for real for once. To have something ‘real’ with someone would be so amazingly beautiful to me

To actually want to be married to him, to have a future with him, to grow old with him

To Feel Loved…is…To Be Cont.

When it happens, you most definitely know I will be writing about this mysterious magical loving man!

Love, Lori

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