When You Acknowledge Yourself

When You Acknowledge Yourself

I woke up today & for that alone I’m grateful for another day to live.

I woke up with a different mindset.

I decided I wanted to be happy from now on.

I’m not getting any younger.

I need peacefulness.

I need honesty, faithfulness, & love for the rest of my days.

I need my smile & laugh to stay.

I need to be able to give my all & receive the same.

I just went & changed one word in the above sentences. I started it with ‘I want”, I changed it to “I need”.

I don’t just want, I need happiness.

I’ve done a ton of soul searching, praying, & thinking lately. Life really is too short to be wasting time.

I need to do things & see things & experience things now, not later when I’m eighty.

I need those laughs that take your breath & make you snort, sounds like you’re trying to start an engine lol.

I need love made to me like its the last time, every time.

I need my face grabbed & kissed up if I’m off my happy trail worrying about something.

I need to visit places I’ve never seen before, preferably not alone.

I need to feel loved.

I need to feel wanted.

I need to feel like number one for a change.

I don’t ever want to feel like an option or made to look stupid again or rank below other women or made to be jealous when its supposed to be the either way around. I’m too mature & wifey.

I just wanna be myself, my whole self without looking or feeling stupid.

I’m not being bitchy or needy or unfair. I just want happiness. When you love someone, all that comes natural. You want the best for them. You want to share your life with them. You want to experience all the firsts with them that you can come up with that neither has experienced yet. Through the good & the bad, you’ll want to be there with them & for them.

I guess I’m just saying that I realized just how short life is & I’m tired of wasting it away wishing & hoping. I suppose if you want it, you have to take those big scary steps to get it, right?

Living in the moment is only fun for the moment. Temporary people are only fun for the moment. I want it everyday for the rest of my life with one, one that’s capable of what many can do all in one.

I will strive everyday for happiness because I don’t want nor deserve anything less out of this life.

God didn’t put me here to be miserable. God don’t just put people in your path for no reason. Some are lessons, some are blessings.

If people paid more attention to the ones that truly love them, there’d be a lot less heartache.

I’ll say it again, I need to feel & be shown love.

My God at what I could unleash from my heart if given the chance.

I’m not a one night stand type of woman, I’m worth way more than that. Some know that. I know that.

I want to share everything of myself with someone. Even though I’m known to very few, they still don’t know me, they still don’t see me.

I’m a take a walk through nature & stare at the pretty sky like I’ve never seen it before type of woman.

I’m the woman who would pickup mountains & carry them on my back for you.

I’d put my life on hold just to hold your hand & wipe away your tears ignoring the tears in my eyes.

I want & need the same type of love back. I deserve it.

Love, Lori

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  • You need affirmation and togetherness. Just be patient. The first step is knowing what you want and don’t settle for less!

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