March 24, 2019

My Doctor Visit (x-rated)

As I undressed myself dreading to put on the paper towel that they want me to wear for the doctor to have my annual check up, I wished I was somewhere else.

I laid down on the table, laid the paper towel over my legs.

So uncomfortable.

I hear a light knock on door before the doctor walked in.

He was handsome which made me think ‘shit I did shave this morning right?’ Lol.

He introduced himself as they normally do. Laid down his clipboard & washed his hands.

He sat on the stool at the end & guided my feet in the stirrups.

I’m butt ass naked & spread eagle in front of a handsome man. Kinda hot I thought.

He was making some short talk about what he was doing then…

I felt warmth & wet from him.

I couldn’t see for the big paper towel over my legs.

He was gently licking my clit.

My first thought was omg! And then that I’m never losing this doctor!

I couldn’t speak a word nor did I stop him.

He kept licking & sucking on me like I was his dessert.

Sliding his tongue in & out with ripple motions that he was doing. Mmmm.

He stood up & started pressing on my stomach like he was checking me like a doctor should.

He caressed my breasts ‘checking them’ & pinching my nipples then sucked on them just for a few moments.

He pulled his cock out & threw the paper towel in the floor.

Slowly he pushed himself inside of me. Slow strokes.

He felt so amazing. So hard. So big. He filled me up & then some.

He asked me to get down into the floor. So I did.

I was on all fours, doggy style.

He got in front of me & put his cock in my mouth & stroked my mouth.

He got behind me & grabbed my ass & made me arch real hard then he pounded my pussy hard & for what seemed like a long time.

I couldn’t scream at all.

He grabbed my hair as he pushed himself into my ass & I let him.

He pounded & cummed in my ass.

He was cleaning himself off & putting himself back together as I stood there by the bed in shock & relief.

He grabbed his clipboard, kissed me on the cheek & said you are all set to go & everything checked out good with a smirky smile on his face.

Then he walked out of the room.

I cleaned up & made my way to the checkout.

As I was standing there, as he was walking by he told the lady that I needed an appointment for next week.

…I will not forget that appointment, you can bet your sweet ass!


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