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Heyyy…it’s Lori!

On my gosh I swear as the days go by I learn more about myself & then poof I want something different! Lol wth is wrong with me haha!?

I’M BORED that’s what!!!!

I want to meet new people.

I want to go places.

I want to see different things.

I want to feel…something.

I want to feel new something’s.

I want some new adventures.

I want all kinds of adventures.

I want to do different things.

And so on….. You get the picture.

I feel like my potential is being held back in every area. I want to unleash it all. I want I want I want toooo.

I do want to do it all with someone but I’d like for it to be with someone that is ready for new stuff as well. Someone that is tired of the ‘norm’ too.

Being single does make life boring & it may have something to do with being bored & wanting more out of life. I’m aware of that which is why I’ve set back quietly trying not to jump at just anything. Well I’m ready to jump now.

What do I want new?….Everything!

Everything I want to do has some fear in it. If it didn’t it wouldn’t be worth doing would it Nope.

I’m seriously thinking about a new bucket list. No not just a sexual bucket list, a list of all things even though that is definitely one of them…new adventures to be made.

I want to completely be myself around someone. To trust someone through this ‘go wild & free’ stage.

There is just so much more to me than what little I’ve actually shown. Idk how to explain what I want to say or what I’m feeling.

For example, what about being a nudist on a nudest beach for one day? Why not? Lol. Skinny dipping? Hiking to places that actually have cool sites? Camping in beautiful places? Having sex with that partner that also wants new adventures & excitement with me ‘everywhere’ we go??? Christening it all? Oh yes I just went there lol. Finally build that ‘Purple Room’ I used to talk about (similar to red room, just google it)? Fourwheeling in mud all day? Document it all in my blog, how awesome would that be? Etc.

You know I’m gonna throw sex in there heehee! I don’t write about something I’m passionate about for nothing ya know.

I’m serious though, I really am. I’m so sick of the same ole shit everyday. Working my life away & that’s pretty much it. So boring.

I want to enjoy life. I want to laugh & have fun. I want to try new things of all sorts. I want someone to share it all with, I really do.

My life doesn’t totally suck, I love my family & the little things I do here & there. I’m just ready for something new. Things that will make me so nervous I almost pee on myself haha. That’s where the fun is at!

Short & sweet, I gotta get some sleep. Hope your day is bright!


Lori Hensley

One thought on “Heyyy…it’s Lori!

  1. Dang girl you sound like me last year lol. Slow down a bit something’s are natural it’s spring. The hardest part of life is being stuck on a job, if imimI not there I’m on the go living life but it takes time.

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