My Blessed Walk

My Blessed Walk

Walks, jogs, silence, self love, etc is a great gift to give to yourself. You need them.

My blessed walk that still continues is unique. Pain that was endured from each are like puzzle pieces & putting them in place reveals a beautiful life.

My walks through life have been strange & painful. Most couldn’t walk after one or two of them alone.

After some time I realize what some of them are for, & why I had to deal with or go through them like I did.

Some walks have yet to make sense. Some walks have taught me some hard lessons, but valuable lessons.

Each relationship of any kind has molded me into who I am today.

I tend to see things differently than others. I see beauty where others see nothing at all.

I love differently than others, most love what they can benefit from, I love the soul.

I’m alone but its my choice. Its my choice because I love too much & no one has the ability to love back anymore.

Life is hard. Love is difficult. Fear is optional.

I am proud of who I am today. I’m able to use strength on today’s situations. Strength I wasn’t sure that I was capable of providing for myself, but I do.

Dealing with anything & everything like an adult is strength. Drama, kicking & screaming, acting a fool, or giving up will not get you anywhere. Put on your big girl panties, reapply your lipstick & deal….just deal until you make it through.

You can’t expect anyone to understand you or your journey. You have to live your life regardless of what or who walks out of it.

I’m blessed beyond measure because since I was six years old up until now, I was protected & taught lessons through everything.

The walk that requires letting go of unhealthy habits, things, & people is a difficult one. I’ve never felt as strong as I do right now even though I want to be weak. Its just not in me.

I wasn’t taught by mother to be weak, or to just sit down & give up, or to allow such negativity to enter into my life.

Crooked paths are often the most beautiful. Crooked paths mold us, prepare us, & will lead us to the most gorgeous places without even realizing it.

Photos capture so much.

Walks teach so greatly.

You’re responsible for your happiness or unhappiness, so step onto a different path if the one you are on isn’t working for you.

Hoping my new walk will lead me far from here… physically. New doors don’t open if you don’t knock on them.

A true love isn’t found in what has hurt you or your past. Open your eyes so that you’re able to see hearts not just their words.

You have no control over people’s will. All you can do is to be yourself. If they choose to walk with you, let them. If not…let em go. Live like today’s the last day you have a chance to be happy & redirect your life. Love even when it hurts or it isn’t wanted in return. True love is untouchable, & some are blinded so badly that they cannot see it. You may be the only one in some people’s lives that loves them onto a better path even if you have to hide in the bushes while they find their way.

My story isn’t over yet. My life is not ruined. My love & tender touch cannot be mimicked, & neither can yours. Its a new day to begin again, & that I am thankful for.


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