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Good January Morning!

Sorry I haven’t wrote in over a week. I’ve been a busy woman. I’m bound & determined to better my life in all areas as much as I can. I’ve been studying, researching, taking notes, & working of course.

There’s no one coming to save me, or help me in any way to better my life. It’s all on me & I’m going to put my all into it. I’ve just sat down so many times because of men, I put them ahead of my life & my dreams. I will not ever do that again!

I’m important! And I’m working on my life for a change, for real this time.

I absolutely cannot wait to reveal what I’m up to! I don’t want to say anything right now, it’s a surprise lol. I have several different things in the works & I’m very proud of myself right now. Yes…I’m terrified of stepping forward but don’t all dreams scare you a little? If they don’t scare you then those dreams aren’t big enough!

I read a statement that said keep your plans to yourself until you fullfil them, because so many people are negative & they’ll cause you to back out on just about anything.

You can’t sit around & only wish forever you know. You have to start somewhere if you want to change your life.

You are responsible for your own life & your own happiness.

I will say that one of the things that makes me unhappy is my past debts. They’re always peeking around the corner at me & I’m sick of it! My intentions are to completely rid my life of debt. I seriously doubt I’ll ever finance anything again, that’s how sick I am of debt. The only thing I would even remotely consider would be buying a house. If I can find something on the cheaper side, a fixer up, then I’ll pay cash. I don’t care if it’s just land with a barn that could be remodeled into a home.

You have to get to that point where you’re sick & tired of the way things are. And also, with people that drag you down or make you miserable. I may come off as rude or mean anymore but I refuse to allow anyone to be a part of my life if they show signs of hindering me.

I’m just done with the lowlifes (men & women), & the men that ‘only’ want sex from me. I’m far worth more than that just to be at their beck n call. I told a man not too long ago I wasn’t good enough for him…..I was wrong! I pondered on that for days & I got pissed off at myself for even saying that. I am more than enough. I am worth it. And I will not settle for garbage again nor allow garbage to make me feel like I’m a nothing. I feel it in my heart that the one that’s meant for me will see me & my worth without me having to prove anything at all. That’s a real man, a man not out looking for his next f**k, but looking for his next wife.

I’ve been walking & exercising again. I’m so sore that I can barely sit down without moaning lol. I love it though. It feels great. Like I said I’m proud of myself for getting up & walking away from my funk & the junk in my life.

I’m starting another blog to go along with my plans. I haven’t wrote anything yet, I’m waiting a bit longer until I get things worked out. I’m excited about it all! My older son will be working for me, so he’s excited as well lol. He’s been helping me talk through it, plan, design, etc. Due to his medical condition, he hasn’t ever had a job. But now he’s ready to work & this will be the first time in his life of getting a paycheck.

I’m happy right now, I’m in a good place emotionally & spiritually. It took all the junk & hurt to wake me up I suppose. I do still have days or most of the time anymore….hours where I get down, but I quickly remind myself of who I am. If anyone I wanted, wanted me, they’d be here. They ain’t worth it to me to drag myself down.

Have a beautiful day! Shake off the junk & get out of your funk!

Love, Lori

Lori Hensley

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