You will be the one that takes my breath away.

I will be your one you cannot take your eyes off of.

My heart will skip beats when your eyes look into mine deeply.

My body will melt at the slightest touch of your hand brushing against me.

You will tremble when my body brushes up against yours.

In this moment I don’t know who you are, but I feel that you are there, some where just as I am some where for you. Eventually our some where’s will become home.

We will know suddenly when we meet.

I need your soul intertwined with mine. I need your heart beating along with mine.

I long to feel your heart beat against me.

Do you know how deeply I already love you?

I will be better than anyone you’ve ever loved, as you will be better than anyone I’ve ever loved as well. No one could compare.

As I walk, cool wind in my face, I feel you. I search for you, not in crowds but in my heart. You’re different, you’re so different compared to others & I want you. Every step I take, I pray I’m a step closer to discovering who you are. I know you search for me too, I can feel you.

You’re the true love of my life as I am yours.

We are both done with sometimes people. We are both done with one sided relationships. We are both done being fools for only pleasure. We are somewhere, but we are here, together, in the right moment we will be there… There together standing in the moonlight, embracing for what feels like two minutes but actually it’s hours. For the first time, we can feel each other physically. Wrapped up to never let go.

Time will be a stand still when we’re together.

My heart has been broken so deeply with pieces of my heart stolen from me. Stolen from those that didn’t deserve to even know my name. Pieces just held in pockets of those that hold onto them for when I’m needed, not love no not love, & they’re not used for when I need them. I know that you’ll mend my heart back together so beautifully as I will kiss & heal every jagged edge of your heart from the ones that broke your heart.

Our broken hearts will beat together until we are completely healed. We are one.

I will never need another for you are everything I need. I know in my heart that you will be the one to stop the untrusting infidelity nonsense I’ve been through. I know it will be history soon. And I will heal every inch of your soul.

I need you now & I know you need me. It seems so foggy at this moment but it will clear up soon.

I want to wrap myself around you. I want you to feel safe with me as I do in your arms. I will make you feel & show you that you’ll have no worries with me. I am yours.

I will give you the greatest unbelievable pleasures you’ve ever felt in your life. In every area, not only through love making, every area of your life.

I want to grasp the sides of your face while we embrace in our kiss. You are deeply loved & you will feel it. You will feel my love so very deeply.

There will never be doubts to even arise. We will be one. Safe with each other. Undeniable trust. Deeply loved by one another.

We will not be able to get enough of each other, that’s love.

My heart loves you so very much, so deeply.

I’m waiting for you.

Love, Lori

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