December 29, 2018

You’re A Badass Woman!

Sometimes things & people get in the way & knock us off track a bit. Jobs, finances, & relationships get to all of us.

Don’t ever allow anyone to make you feel like a failure or that you’re not smart enough or that you’re not pretty enough or….that you’re not enough! Just remind yourself, there’s nothing wrong with you, it is all them in most cases. There’s something wrong with them to be able to toss a good person aside.

Women who are just plain good people, & work their asses off, & stay sober, & pay their own bills, & don’t cheat, etc….are normally the women who men are afraid of. They don’t seem to notice us because we’re not on our backs or high as hell or crying for a hand out. But that’s okay though, it really is because by the time they realize there isn’t a good woman around left for them, we’ll be taken by real men who did notice the diamond they had found. If they choose someone less than you, well let them. You need someone who’s on your level, not a child’s.

If you lose the greatest thing for you, you’ve lost it for life, you’ll never find it again (some just do not see it until it’s too late).

People don’t realize who or what they have until they’re gone. It can be a very lonely world out there. Having people in your life that genuinely care for you & will stand next to you in the fire are people you should keep.

Jobs & everything else are no different. Do the best you can. Be yourself. Keep a pure heart. ~~Love where you are today because yesterday you prayed to be here.~~

You Are A Strong Badass Woman! You got this!!!

Hold your head high & keep pushing because what you thought was the best is actually not. Your best that’s coming will be nothing like you’ve ever experienced in your entire life! Hold on!

Take a deep breath, say your prayers, get some sleep, work hard, repeat.

Love-Yourself-First!!! I know from experience that statement is easier said than done. It took me going through years of heartbreak, pain, & struggles before I got to the point of rock bottom. A dark place that I could only escape by learning to love myself or I could’ve died in that depressive state of mind I was in. 

No matter what anyone says. You are very capable of coming out of anything. It begins with getting your mind & heart aligned correctly. You have to give a damn about you!

Pick yourself up off that floor, walk outside bare foot, take a look around, breath in that fresh air. Begin-Again! Fight for You!

No partner you’re no longer with is worth losing yourself for, ruining your life for, or even worse….dying for. Now get the hell up & start moving on with your beautiful self!

Love the ones that are loving on you & love yourself, everything else will fall into place.

Love, Lori

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