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Love yourself first!

❤ Love ❤

Love is a beautiful feeling.

Always love the ones that love you, show them, & tell them.

If someone truly loves you, don’t lose them. Your heart & gut feeling knows the true feelings of others. Don’t let them walk away from you for foolish reasons.

Love isn’t just about loving a man or woman, its about loving anyone. Your spouse/significant other, children, parents, friends… Anyone.

Why hide it? Why be selfish with it? Let them know because they could be gone the very next day. Life is way too short to be around or with those you don’t really love or those that don’t love you. Who makes you happy? I mean really happy? That’s the people you should be with, the ones that don’t bring you heartache or have you not wanting to come home.

Everyone that I love knows that I love them. Period. Don’t leave a question mark.

Of course I’ve always loved my sons very dearly with every beat of my heart since the day I became pregnant with them. They are my world! As they’re grown young men now, my love has never changed, my love for them has become more intense every single day. My grandson has stolen my heart for sure, & my second grand baby is on the way. Those four people I know without a doubt in my mind love me back, the second grand baby will too I just know it. I don’t care how old they are I have no intentions of ever leaving them. Now everyone else I question because none have been there for me, I mean reaaallly been there.

But Love….love won. My love for my family, & being with them is extremely precious to me. That love will instantly turn off anything that interferes.

And if your kids are grown, don’t think for one second that they don’t want to hear that you love them. I’m now 45 years old & I’d love to hear my momma say back to me ‘I love you too honey’. She passed away so I’ll never hear her verbally again, but I can hear her in my heart. Her voice, her smile, her perfume, her laugh, her tears, her words, all are remembered on a daily basis. Her love was so deep & I miss her so very badly. Everyday that I wanna give up, I feel her pushing me.

I’ve learned a lot about love, even more than I already knew over the past couple of years.

Sometimes you don’t realize just how much you can love another human being. In my case, standing beside my younger son after he had a stroke with brain surgery in sight…at that moment… I realized just how much I love all my kids. Yes we know we love them, but its stronger than you think it is or could imagine until you’re faced with uncertainties. Tell them youngins everyday that you love them.

A broken heart will teach you a lot all on its own. Everyone deals differently. You can allow it to consume you or you can grow from it. I chose to grow from it & that showed me even more of what my worth is & what I deserve.

Like I said love can be so beautiful. So beautiful.

I honestly can’t wait to pour my love out on the deserving man that’s meant for me, a real man will see what he has & he won’t let me go.

Yesterday was an awesome day, Christmas was amazing. My sons & grandson was here. I cooked most of the day which they devoured lol, & then presents of course. Just us & it was amazing, I loved it!

Love & having a passion for things, hobbies, etc, is quite awesome by its self as well. There’s no shame in anything that you love or love doing. I have passion for quite a few things lol, & it brings me happiness.

I just don’t feel like I can express love through words to you. For me, actions play a very important role in showing love.

If you’re single, love on yourself & wait patiently for your soul mate.

Sometimes we all get sidetracked & take people for granite. That’s easy to do in this crazy, busy world we live in, but we have to take a breath & remember who’s really important to us. Who’s really there for us. Who really loves us back for simply who we are.

Love, Lori

Lori Hensley

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