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A Writer From A Kentucky Holler (Harlan)

I was born & raised in Harlan, Kentucky. The ‘holler life’. I reside in Georgia now but I’ll never forget the holler, it never leaves me because it feels like home. I’ve often considered moving back but there’s so many painful memories there & there’s no family left of mine, so I just don’t. It’s all in my heart for life.

Everyone has an outlet or outlets. We need them to unwind & escape from the craziness of our lives.

Writing is a beautiful escape for me.

I started writing when I was young. It was nothing more than a journal/diary type thing but it lit a fire inside of me.

I don’t claim or pretend to be a great writer nor am I famous. No one is perfect. Writing is an escape for me.

My imagination is pretty wild. I have started so many books that I never finished. If I had finished them, I think everyone would like them a little bit anyways lol.

I’m hoping once I get in the position I’m busting my ass for, I’ll be able to write. It’s almost impossible for me to stay focused on a book while working full time at one job & fixing to take on more work. I’ll get there because I’m too stubborn to give up. It’s sad that it’s ‘now’ that I’m actually taking control of my life. I can’t blame anyone though, it’s my fault I didn’t stand up for myself a long time ago.

I have what I call ‘numb’ moments. Sometimes a week or even a month goes by & I can’t write one sentence. My blog just sits here…. My life, stress, my emotions just get to me to a point that I don’t have nothing to say. And I can’t even make something up to write about. I’m just numb.

A writer writes to breathe

I think sometimes writers are born simply through the tragedies in their life. I don’t think some intended to be what they are today, but by releasing pain through words they became well known & loved. We all know of some writers that just blow us away.

I’m not famous but I’ve read where some have dealt with a few things that I do. And that’s being ridiculed by some. I’m called a fake, a liar, etc. I’m told that every word I write is bullshit. That it’s worthless trash to read. They don’t bother me simply because I know the truths. I know of everything I write…duh, I wrote it. If I cared what others thought of me I would’ve stopped a long time ago.

When you don’t make a habit out of lying & you speak truths, people get awfully pissed off.

Today is a fairly nice day where I live. Sitting outside, with my eyes closed, wind blowing my hair, I imagine myself already where I want to be. All I can do is smile because I have the faith that I’ll get there.

I’ve wrote down the details of my dreams, my future. I wrote it all down out of faith not just dreaming. No, I don’t know my future but I’ve set myself on a path. I’ve had some bad experiences on this path, but I refuse to give up. Not giving up makes you stronger than you ever was before.

When the path gets crooked or rough….put on your seat belt & keep traveling.

Never give up, never.

You cannot allow what others think or say to you or about you…end you. It’s their opinions about who you are & your life, their opinions don’t mean a thing. They’re simply too lazy to fulfill their own dreams & will attempt to make others be as miserable as they are. Don’t listen to the jibberish.

Don’t allow your fire to burn out because of others! Do what your heart desires & go after what your heart desires.

Understand & take it in that you only live once. It took me years to get that to sink in. Do what you love. Be around those you love. Don’t allow work to be your life, it’s just a part of it. Own your own self.

Take that step back & relax for a moment. Breathe. Come to know who you are. Don’t let your past faults define who you are today, also don’t let others opinions define you either. Those opinions define who they are by them simply putting you down with them, it’s childish rubbish.

I want you to write down the first thing that you think of that makes your heart skip a beat. It will most likely be the thing that scares you the most because you love or want it so bad that it seems as if it’s only a dream….. Why not at least attempt it? You only live once remember?

Wishing you a wonderful & beautiful day!

Love, Lori

Lori Hensley

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