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Love yourself first!

Think! Recognize!

No one is exempt from problems. There’s different forms of problems, but we all have them.

Have you noticed that nothing is going right?

Have you noticed that everything you touch falls apart?

Have you noticed that everything you say doesn’t come out right?

Have you noticed problem after problem with a spouse, or a job, or a friend, or a situation that never seems to be peaceful no matter how hard you try?

Does it seem like you’re always sitting at rock bottom with no sign of an escape?

Do you feel alone even though there’s people around you?

Do you feel like you’ve failed at something in your life, & you walk around with your head hanging low?

Maybe, just maybe it’s time to take a good look at your surroundings, your life. Just because you’re in a job, or a relationship, or are kin to some, it doesn’t mean you cannot walk away. If none of that makes you happy, only miserable, then you may need to adjust some areas of your life.

Who cares if you mess up a bunch, as long as you keep trying, you’re moving forward.

Who cares how many you dated or married, one day one will come along that will make you understand why all the others never would work out. Why there was always so much fighting or infidelity.

Why stay at a job that makes you so miserable that you cannot sleep or eat? Money? Hours? Forget that! Start looking for something better, there’s other jobs out there. Do you think being on a job for 10-20 years is gonna get you a prize in heaven? Well it won’t so live your life happier. Live by your own rules, not the worlds.

I know it seems wrong to just abandon family members but if someone is making you miserable or making your life very difficult, then maybe a nice break away from them will do some good. Sometimes you just have to put your foot down & stand your ground. Just because they’re blood doesn’t mean you have to tolerate the nonsense. You don’t.

You’re meant to be happy! Do not tolerate junk ‘just because’. You’re important too, don’t forget that.

When’s the last time you laughed? I mean really laughed. That slapping your leg, turning red, can’t breathe, stomach cramping kind of laugh? Those are good for the soul! Take a breathe & relax. Surround yourself with people that can make you laugh or watch shows that’ll lighten your mood.

Get out your funk, then clean up the junk!

You are human… are only human. You can only do so much, remember that.

Think of yourself once in awhile. It isn’t selfish, it’s highly healthy!

I see you, I know what you feel, I know how hard you work, I know how easy it is to forget yourself…..I’ve been there.

Give yourself a break. Think things through. Recognize your life. Take appropriate actions.

Be happy! It is very possible, don’t you dare say it isnt!

Love yourself

Love, Lori

Lori Hensley

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