Excruciating Love

Excruciating Love

That’s all she feels,

it’s all she’s ever felt.

The pain is too real,

to the point she’s numb.

Her tears are plenty,

to the point there is none.

Excruciating pain,

felt through her entire body.

An exhaustion she can’t explain.

A depth of pain,

most cannot endure.

Love from the purest heart,

is not wanted.

Betrayal so great,

it smothers her.

Mascara stained pillows are

proof of pain escaping through

her hazel eyes at night.

No one is there to comfort her,

no one at all.

She cries out, God why do they

hate me so?

Loneliness has become her


Her thoughts are spoken out

loud because no one else

listens to her….but her.

Such a waste of a good

woman, a good person just left

there to be alone, to die alone.

She’s in love & loves those

that never give her a single

daily thought, that she’d die for.

A broken heart will be the

death of her if someone doesn’t

resuscitate her.

Enduring so much pain is

taking a toll on her body, don’t

ask her has she slept, that’d be


She dreams of her love, &

awakens with tears.

She deserves love from the

ones she loves, but the world

has turned them against her.

She has no one…

From morning til night, as long

as she’s awake, she endures her

excruciating love with the most

empty smile.

If only they could notice the

pain in her eyes, & the

trembling in her lips.

If only she could receive the

love back that she’s tried so

hard to give.

She’s letting go.

Her grasp for her love is


Her grasp to be loved is


It’ll be thousands of miles in

her depth of pain to revive her,

you better be prepared for the


It will be excruciating.

Love, Lori

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