Yes I Am Selfish!!

Yes I Am Selfish!!

Good morning to all of you!

It is perfectly okay to be selfish with yourself. You’re not required to give anyone parts of yourself or any of your time. And that’s especially meant for those that are hateful, mean, & vindictive to you. Those that use you for something they need. Those that only want your sex. Those that are only befriending you to either destroy you or acquire something or someone you have in your life. Those that lie on you or to you all the time. Those that are just down right cold hearted & evil to you behind your back, but will hug you & tell you they love you. Let them ALL go from your life. Be selfish with You!

Life is too short to be dealing with people that only come to make your life hell. There’s too many good people out there, find new people!

I know how some of you feel. I do, I’ve been there. I’ve met a lot of cruel people in my lifetime. As some of you have read, I almost allowed their evil hearts to end my life. I wanted to die. I couldn’t believe that the people I truly loved were all only using me & deceiving me. It hurt, it hurt like hell! I no longer hurt now or am I bothered by any of it, but I’ll never forget. It was definitely one hell of a lesson!

At some point you must stand up for yourself. You must be selfish with yourself.

You have to realize that those kinds of people will never love you. If they didn’t love you purely to start with, it’s very unlikely that they ever will.

You’re beautiful. You’re smart. You’re so worth it! You’re worth so much more than you’re giving yourself credit for.

Take a day & be by yourself. Write down everyone & everything that is dragging you down. Write down why or what is bothering you about each one. Are there any pro’s to anyone or situations? Write them down. Also write down how peaceful it would be for your life if some people or situations were no longer a part of your life. Did you smile at that thought? Then maybe its time to take out the trash! Spouse, friends, family members, jobs, bills, debts, that neighbor that is always irritating you, etc. Get up & do something about it. Only You can make You happy!

Be selfish with you but not conceited.

Know your worth. Know what you deserve or not. Demand respect, if they won’t then walk away. You are your own person. You are human. You do exist for many other reasons than just for misery! It ain’t your place to live there.

You are designed to be happy in this life.

I have become selfish with myself. I don’t tolerate bullshit anymore from anyone. What is really sad is that it only comes from those you love or trusted.

I know my worth. I know what I deserve. I love myself first now.

I’m not into these people that just want to sleep around or hang out to party. I’m not into any of that. I’m 42 years old. I don’t consider myself ‘old’, but I’m too old for nonsense. I’m at a point in my life where I just want happiness followed by real love, real people.

I want my soulmate, I really do. I want to hang out with my lover, my best friend all day everyday. I long for the day that I’m with him. I can’t think of one man I’ve ever met that I trust, & that’s a big reason I’m not settling. But until then I’m perfectly happy with being single.

You cannot convince someone what you’re worth. If they cannot see it on their own, they’ll never pay attention to you. Those that do see it, like other women around you, they will be drawn to you & love you for you or be highly jealous of you. I’ve had some women that made friends with me over the years just to make sure that I don’t sleep with their men, lol? That’s jealousy hands down. I’d never.

Start living for the reasons you ‘are’ happy. Whatever makes you happy & makes your heart sing is where you should be. Do you! If your happiness is looked down on then there’s something wrong with the ones who are looking down on you, there’s nothing wrong with you wanting to be happy.

Be happy, just understand to not be a pushover or turn into one of the people that make you miserable. Happiness comes from within. Yes removing people & situations is a major help, but start within yourself first, then proceed. Listen to your heart, it talks to you all the time if you’ll just listen to it.

Love the woman you are! Age, size, race, location, etc, doesn’t matter. None of those matter, you are a beautiful human being! Embrace yourself!

Walk away from the evil people that make you feel like a nobody. Truth be told, they’re probably jealous of you. There’s something about you that drives them insane & they know they could never be the type of person you are so they attack. Making you sad or feel bad about yourself gives them a high they cannot get enough of. When you stop it by appreciating who you are & knowing your worth, they’ll move onto their next victim. It’s just like bullying in school, it’s adults who refuse to grow up & have dignity even for their own selves.

I hope that each of you have a wonderful day!!!!

Love yourself!

Love, Lori

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