I Love The Holidays!!

I Love The Holidays!!

Well good morning people! How are y’all doing?

I’m so excited about this time of year. Brings back my childhood memories & memories of when my boys were young. Now I have grandchildren!!! Yay!!! I have a grandson & a grand baby on the way! I still don’t technically feel like a granny but I’m loving it & my grandson warms my heart so much. He’s so sweet.

Well the cold weather is moving in, I’m freezing this morning lol. Luckily this year I’m not living in that ratty house I got evicted from. It was horrible, worst place I’ve ever lived in I tell ya. I seen every critter come into that house including a huge snake sitting in my tub one morning…..never did find it to kill it. Anyway, I have a much nicer place now & I’m so thankful & its cheaper rent wise, go figure lol.

I’m hoping to be able to decorate my house & yard like I used to for Christmas. Since I’ve been divorced I haven’t been able to. I’ve barely survived to say the least. Its still a struggle but I bust my ass everyday & I refuse to live off the government or settle for some mans money.

Haha listen at me getting tore up….okay I’ll chill lol! Lazy women piss me off, just saying!

I have a huge yard & its actually a cute little place. I walk through the yard taking notes on what I’d like to do as far as decorating for Christmas. I used to build items & then put lights on them. My favorite thing was the helicopter! Yes I made a helicopter using 1×4’s. I put chasing lights on the propellers to make it look cool. I loved it! I made all kinds of stuff though. Even if I can’t decorate the yard, I do have some old things for the inside of the house at least.

I used to get total strangers pulling into the driveway just to tell me they loved what I did & hoped I’d never stop decorating. People would slow down or stop & just sit on the road looking at my yard. One year, one of the kids teachers was walking through our yard & took pictures. My son came home from school & said ‘Mom’! Mr. Such & such’s computer background was our yard! He said he asked the teacher about it & the teacher told him yeah I know its your yard & I love it! I miss those days so much! I really do!

One year I came up with a fun present. I had $200 in five dollar bills. So each son got $100. It took me days planning it. So on Christmas eve, after they went to bed I got it ready for the next morning. I had clue cards with every single $5 bill & each son had different clues, none was the same. It took me about an hour to place all of them throughout the house excluding their bedrooms. On Christmas morning they opened all their gifts & of course the $5 bill present was last because all they seen was a Christmas card so it was opened last lol. When they opened them there was a card telling them how much I love them & their first $5 & the first clue card. To say the least, they were into the game, they loved it. They were going everywhere in the house & giggling. They’d read the next clue card & think hard about where the next card is & take off! Haha! It was fun & I loved it, they loved it too! I miss my boys being younger but now I have grand babies to share all of that with now.

Its crazy how fast years just rush by & your kids grow into adults before you know it. Then you realize, hey…I’m old too lol.

Have a wonderful day! Share your stories in the comments about the holidays.

Love, Lori

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