True Confidence Looks Good On Anyone! It’s Sexy!

True Confidence Looks Good On Anyone! It’s Sexy!

They all tried to break me down, ruin me, hurt me, & use me. But what they forgot about me is……. I’m independent, I’m strong, I have faith in God, I have love for myself, I don’t need anyone, & I’m very confident in myself. No lies & fakeness about myself or what I do to make myself look good, what you see is what you get. There’s nothing hidden.

I don’t have to have a man to take care of my financial needs, I’m smart enough to take care of myself. I will never fake love or settle in a relationship just to have my needs took care of by some man. I’m not an evil vindictive bitch like some I know of. I don’t have to screw people over for money to survive, I’m not afraid of busting my ass to get it all by myself for myself. Real women work their asses off & don’t sit around allowing a man to do it all for them.

I know they’re some that watch me just to see if I’ll fall flat on my face. Let me tell you something… It doesn’t matter how many times I stumble, what matters is that I will get back up & fight even harder every single time. The outcome is better & stronger each time. This time I’m extremely working hard on myself for the first time in my life.

I’m well on my way to becoming financially free. I will not ever give up. Ever single penny I owe to or on anything or anyone will be paid in full. I’m not going to speak on what I’m doing or working on, that’s my business. But the fact is, is that I woke up one day a few months back & decided enough is enough! I want more out of life that just working 24/7 & swimming in debt, hiding from bill collectors. I’m done with it!

I’m also done with low life people. People that want nothing but to use me or walk all over me. People that strive off of trying to break me down. They’re no longer welcome in my life, & newer ones are flicked off of my shoulder, I won’t even allow them to try. If they can’t bring me happiness or something good to my life, then there’s no point in them residing there.

I’m proud of myself, I really am. I’ve been to hell & back & I’m still fighting…. Momma taught me that! I still hear her words whispering to me all the time. She was such an amazingly strong woman. Her spirit still pushes me as if she was still alive.

I don’t live in a fancy house or drive newer vehicles I’ll never get paid off, or shop for high dollar clothes & stuff. That’s not me at all. I prefer things to be bought & paid for. And I have no problems with cheap clothing & such or used vehicles I can pay cash for myself.

I will always be strong & confident even on my weaker days. Some posts sound like I’m going to die, but what you don’t see is that I get up every morning & shake it off. Put on a smile when I don’t want to, & push through another day.

Wear your confidence proudly but not arrogantly. And make sure you’re being confident about the real you, & real stuff in your life. Don’t be acting all fake just to get someone to fall for you or like you. Those people will most definitely fall flat on their face in time. Your true colors will always shine their way through.

Love, Lori

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