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“Don’t Trip Out”

If someone stops talking to you or something just will not work out, Don’t Trip Out, God cuts off what’s infectious to us.

It means you’re far more worthy than they are, they don’t deserve you. With things & situations, it just means that they’re much better things meant for you.

I read a post that this preacher lady posted this morning. It said, ‘God is about to make your secret prayers become public’. It hit me pretty deep because I’ve been praying secret prayers that no one knows about. I haven’t asked anyone to help me pray for this or that, just keeping it to myself & God.

I know I’m not perfect but I do fear God, & I just know. I may not be a bible thumper but I know who the only one is that has my back, because absolutely no one else does anything for me.

Yea yea, think your thoughts like wait she writes dirty & cusses. Yep, that’s me, told you I wasn’t perfect. I’m human too. I still know God regardless. Some would frown right now & that’s okay, it’s my life not yours.

Anyway, it will be amazing & shocking to some to see some of my secret prayers become public & answered. Everyone thinks I’m some horrible meth head whore who deserves nothing but hell, but that’s all false rumors from those that are hating & are intimidated by me. I will be thankful no doubt. They’re not vindictive or evil. Although one prayer about a certain someone will have an eye opening experience for the way I’ve been treated by them. You don’t go around treating people like they’re a pile of dirt & then kick that pile in their face. Karma.

The rest of my prayers are about me or for me & my family. I won’t say what or who, but whatever’s meant to be will be.

I woke up this morning, sat up in my bed, lit a cigarette staring out the window. Today I am done, done with all the crap I’ve dealt with for the last two years. I just don’t want any of it anymore. People, things, situations, etc. I’m just over it! Today is a new day, the first day of taking care of myself for a change. I’m no ones slave, care taker, or anyone’s damn option, etc anymore. I-Am-Done.

I deserve far better than what I’ve received, & its my fault because I settled for less. Not anymore! I know my worth, & so far no one deserves me that I’ve met. No one.

All these situations & troubles I’ve dealt with are my fault too. I sat down for a long time in self pity because of all the drama, trauma, & pain from everything. Not anymore.

I’m not replaceable. I’m no longer a victim to circumstances. I will shine.

Love, Lori

Lori Hensley

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