Beautiful Hearts

Beautiful Hearts

In a world so full of evilness, there’s still quite a few of us who remain the same. Likes, dislikes, clothing, etc may change but our hearts never do.

I don’t care how many times I write about this throughout my blog either. I want it to take hold in others.

Love yourself first!

When we love ourselves first, it becomes easier to realize our worth.

You realize who or what does or doesn’t need to be in your life.

I’ve kicked so many people out of my life its crazy. Just being around them made me Crazy! Some people are so unhealthy for us, & you don’t realize it fully until you remove them from your life. Once you have, it makes it difficult to allow anyone else in your life because you simply don’t want that drama anymore. It shows you how many people really are just scum bags.

I’m made out to be such a horrible person by a few. They attempt to make everyone else look at me the same way they try to. Truth is, is that they’re the type of people who have so many others liking or loving them for someone they’re not. Sound familiar??? They’re so fake, cruel, & they’re the biggest evil assholes out there. No one sees it unless you’re the one their after, so everyone believes them. They themselves can’t stand you because they know the truth about you, they know you’re not who they themselves are making you out to be. They can’t be you, drives some insane. There’s something about you that they’re jealous of or they’re intimidated by you over something. Let them! Truths will always reveal the liars in time.

People that I’ve known for years will still speak against me today. But you know what? I don’t care. Let them talk, let them judge, etc. I know the truth, God knows the truth about me. Who cares what they think anyway.

My heart is beautiful. No one can take that away or change me.

If someone is good to me, I can’t help but give it back twice as much. I’ve even gave my all to those that I knew were bad people in hopes that a good heart would do them some good. Who knows?

When I love, I love with my whole heart. It’s not for just when it’s for my benefit, it is all the time. It takes a lot for me to unlove someone, but it’s easier to do when they’re evil towards me. Once I’m done with someone, I’m damn done. I won’t hate your soul, but you’ll be dead to me from now on. And I’ll even say a parting prayer that you find your way so that you’re not going to hell.

Some people’s every waking moment is nothing but searching for ways to make others miserable. They will use whoever they can to get the job accomplished. That just can’t be a happy life.

Honestly, I wake up everyday with no evil in my heart. I wonder what good the day might bring me. Never do I pick a person & think on how to ruin them. That’s nuts. Out of this whole wide world, there is 6 people in my life whom I love very dearly with my whole heart! Why only 6 you might ask?…. It’s simple, I keep away from the majority of people. There’s rarely anyone who walks into my life that’s allowed to stay. Its for my own good, for my health.

The world can attempt to change you or mold you into something you’re not. BUT, strong true hearted people will remain the same.

When some people discover your heart, they will not let you go from their life. Others can try to make you look bad to them, but your beautiful heart shines so bright over their evilness that they just won’t hear it.

I’m not perfect for everyone, but I’m the best for those that deserve me. I will move mountains for some that are close to my heart, & they know this.

I’ve took a beating pretty much my whole life, but my heart has remained the same.

People gravitate towards those they know really do love them without a doubt.

Give your enemies a chair to sit in since they can’t ‘stand’ to see you get blessed or receive anything good. This is what I’ll do for those that continue to attack me. Take a seat, I want you all to watch me succeed. And go ahead & record it so that the people you put me down to can see I’m nothing any of you have made me out to be.

My heart is pure, & I will continue to be me period.

I will remain to be the goofy, loving you, hard worker, collector of many things, talented in so many ways, crazy ass country gal that I’ve always been.

My heart & love for some will remain the same forever.

Love yourself no matter what! Those that see ‘you’ will never want to let you go!

Love, Lori

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