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It’s A Cruel World

If someone is only loving you out of despite just to bring pain to others, & to slowly work on tearing you down bit by bit, it will come about to the light eventually. I’ve seen several couples like this in life, some married, some dating. One is only using the other one with no real love for them at all, they only need what the other one has or they need their connections.

They’re setting you up for destruction for their benefit. You have what they need to survive on for the time being.

You never hear anything good about them from other people for a reason. They were either victims or they’re other people looking from the outside in at another victim that they previously had.

Open your eyes.

It’s easy to see when you’re standing outside looking in, but the ones that’s ‘in it’ cannot see clearly. They will refuse to see it actually, that they’re a victim instead of someone’s soul mate. It’s sad really.

I’m a victim, I’m sure a lot of us are or was at some point in our lives.

When your eyes open from such narcissistic abuse from your other half, its like a whole new world. You cannot believe it at first just how blind you were through the whole thing. There’s always little red flags that pop up but you think to yourself..nah can’t be true, they wouldn’t do that or they’re not like that, you’re wrong—everyone’s got it all wrong. And you become even more entangled in their web.

You find yourself believing such garbage that you lose yourself. Believing in things you’d normally laugh at, things that are not you at all. Things that don’t make any sense at all, & are of crazy make believe nonsense they come up with. They’re good at it, they got you. And they’ll never stop that behavior with you or anyone else. You’re nothing special to them, you cannot change a person.

I didn’t have to Google this to write this post. I’ve experienced it or seen it with my own eyes. If you’ve got someone that’s real in your life, don’t let them go because the world is full of so many fake people its quite sickening.

If I hadn’t encountered these kinds of people, I wouldn’t be able to write about them because I wouldn’t understand it. You couldn’t understand unless you’ve dealt with them, it’d be impossible.

I think there should be a special corner in hell for these types of cruel people. Let them feel the pain they’ve caused on others 10fold 24/7.

I cannot comprehend how people’s minds become so twisted that they only look to kill, steal, & destroy.

This was just laying heavy on my heart today. It felt like someone needed to see this. I hope whoever it is finds this post. Finds happiness, true happiness.

Love, Lori

Lori Hensley

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