October 17, 2018

Good Afternoon!

Just wanted to say a few quick words.

For one, Mrs. Badass pt 4 is posted. I love the stories because she’s …me, if you understand. The lonely, no one understands her, sexual deprivation, finding her way parts, her interests are my interests, she is me.

Writing & acting out through her gives me some sort of peace about it all. I’ve been thinking again & I believe I’m going to make her into a book instead of posts. What is on here will remain, but the rest will probably go into the book. I can get real nasty freaky in a book lol. Woo!! Joking not joking haha!

Anyway lol, just saying that I’m doing good. I’m still back at working my butt off almost everyday. It’s one way I cope with everything, & that’s keeping busy. It may not be the most healthiest thing to do, but it works for me.

Friendships, relationships, situations, etc….. I’ve come to the realization that I can’t control some things. I have no power in forcing things to happen because that’s not who I am. Feeling unwanted or unwelcome will make me walk away in an instant. I work towards my goals every single day. I pray for my hearts desires, but it’s not up to me if I’m going to receive what or who I want. But I can guarantee you that whatever or whoever is meant for me……No One or Nothing can stop it!

I’ll continue being myself & working hard. I know I’m a different kind of woman, & I’m proud of it. I’m not better than anyone nor do I act like it, I’m just great at being myself. One day someone will come along & realize that I’m worth keeping, & will never allow me to leave their life.

I want you to have a wonderful day today! Go out & do something just for you!

Love, Lori

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