October 14, 2018

Toxic People – Mental Abuse

Toxic people are dangerous to our lives.

Mind games are the only thing these toxic people thrive off of. As long as they have control of you, they’ll make you believe they love & care about you to a point to keep their hold on you. The minute they lose control of you or the situation a demon will arise until you’re put back nice & tight into their web.

Everyone has or had them in their life at some point.

Why is it so easy to fall for certain ones lies all the time? Here’s what I think: You care about them, you forgive over & over, but they’ll lie to you & burn you every single time. At some point you have to decide when it needs to stop, even if you have to remove them from your life completely.

I’ve witnessed friends falling for toxic peoples lies. I know the truth & can see the lies intertwined into a web, but until they’re done with living that life there’s nothing you can do to help them. They will not listen to you. They have to get to that point on their own.

I am to my point! New people don’t really stand a chance with me. They have an unfair advantage upfront meeting me. So many have wronged me that I don’t trust or believe anything said to me at all.

It really isn’t fair to me either because I may miss out on meeting some really great people. That part does suck, but how would I know? The devil isn’t ugly.

I’m just out here doing my thing again, working my ass off. Avoiding men like their a plague. I seen what could have been good men & women, but they choose to be with toxic people, living awful toxic lives. I don’t understand that…at all. I admit, I did choose that life but I grew up & I want nothing to do with it anymore.

Think about this: Certain people bring nothing but troubles into your life. It’s always a headache, lies, accusations, unexplained friends & situations, etc. Why does it take so long for us to see it when others can see it clear as day? You’re blinded. You’re blind to their actions. You’re manipulated into thinking they are something they’re not. You even try to make their web of lies legit, real, & you believe them…….am I right?

Mental abuse is a very serious matter. It can happen to women or men. And its not necessarily just with couples, it can be friends or family as well, even from a boss.

I hate mental abuse because a lot of people never heal, & most suffer with it for the rest of their lives even if they have it under somewhat control. It is always there.

All you can do is keep trying to talk to them, explain everything to them & pray they’ll wake up soon.


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