October 13, 2018

I want it all OR I don’t want nothing

Wanting it all or nothing at all means if I cannot have a man or friends that are fully involved with me, then I’d rather be alone completely. I don’t have time for fake people, but for the right people I’ll make all the time in the world for.

Having a real best friend is someone that’s there for you too in the same ways you’re there for them. I do not trust anyone anymore because they just use me for their own selfish benefit then act like I’m the bad guy when I’m upset because they ditched me when they were done with me. Fuck that. People lie so well that it makes me sick. Use my generosity, my care, my love, then they’re gone.

I think most people are good, but there’s a ton of very bad people in all of our lives that like loitering around using every piece of you they can.

Liars, druggies, whores, narcissists, manipulators, etc. We all have or had them in our lives.

There are so many fake people these days that its ridiculous. They’ll smile right in your face while taking something from your back pocket. Or seem to be trustworthy, only to find out they’ve made you out to be a joke to everyone around you when they’re the joke for a fact.

When I was married I didn’t hang around a lot of people & honestly that’s the right thing to do anymore. Ever since my divorce I have met some of the most cruelest people in the world. So what that boils down to is I shouldn’t allow just anyone to even ‘peak through the window’ to view my life. Personal information about me will no longer be available due this fact. Whoever is my forever will probably be the only one that’ll ever know anything about me.

I want it all or nothing.

Do you ever wish you could take back your secrets from people? Boy I do! I don’t like anyone knowing what I’m doing anymore. Hell I even want my sex back from some, they did NOT deserve that part of me. I don’t care if I just went to pee….you don’t need to know. But yes, I want my information about me back. There’s not one out there that deserves to have learned anything about me, that part sucks because you cannot get it back.

Just in the past few days I have deleted unopened messages because I’m so done talking to strangers. I don’t want anyone else in my business. And the people I’m talking about is the ones that attempt to ‘date’ or ‘talk’, asking all kinds of personal questions. And some I think are just my stalker or someone stalking/watching for them. Ya never know.

I don’t feel that I’m wrong at all for going incognito. Several have flat out abused my friendship & trust to the point that I’m extremely skeptical of everyone. The most I talk is right here in my blog, but details still cannot find their way out because I know who’s stalking me & they don’t deserve shit.

I’m definitely done with one sided relationships. I’ve had enough of that to last me a life time. The cruelest people in the world is those that use you for their own benefit then disappear like you were nothing to them.


What goes around will most definitely find its way back around to you! Without lube.. You cannot escape it, you’re doomed. Treat people badly all you want, but just know in the back of your mind that when karma returns to you, that its your payback not a hard time. Big difference! There’ll be none of that ‘feel sorry for me’ bullshit. Deal with what you handed out.

I may sound a little evil here & there, but I suppose the pain from being treated so poorly rises up ever so often. Which will actually keep me from being stupid again.

A person being caught in a lie by me causes me to shut down on them now. I’ll never look at you the same let along speak to you for awhile, if I ever do. I can forgive, but I’m far from an idiot.

Wanting it all means: No….lies, cheating, sexting, entertaining another female in anyway, stealing, being fake, dragging me down, playing mind games, only choosing me because you don’t want to be alone, no hiding anything from me, putting me down, you MUST be completely single, NO drugs, and the list goes on & on & on. I just want someone that’s real for a change. Sick of these fuck boys who are nothing but confused emotionally & have no idea what they truly want so they just sleep with everyone. Immature.

I guess I sound a little cranky here but its just that I’m so fed up with these types of people. They sneak in on you then..boom you figure them out after they’ve kinda gotten your trust a little.

I’m somewhat working on an article right now about narcissists. I’m so sick of them! My stalker is definitely one! That’s what really got my interest in it & everything so far that I’ve read is nothing but the truth. For one they manipulate people to love them & they show fake love to get what they want from you. Nothing but liars. They don’t really ‘love’ anyone, its all fake. That being fake will surface after they’ve drained you & convinced you that they love you. Its all part of their game.

Okay well, I’ll try to finish that next post tonight.

This is my blog. My personal journal type blog. I own full rights to it. I own the website. I can & will write anything I so choose to write about. (That was said because I’ve had a couple of people dare me to basically call them out. That would be from those that have wronged me & they’re afraid of others knowing. I’ve never put anyone’s name in here, I don’t want anyone to know the trash that I dealt with, its an embarrassment.)

Anyway my blog is about life & troubles we go through so I think I’m going to do a couple of articles on situations & types of people that I’ve personally dealt with. I’m sure most of you will be able to relate.

Love you, Lori

P.S. Have a beautiful day!!!!

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