Good morning! Oh my word it is cold in Georgia this morning!! I was so not prepared lol. Should’ve seen me running back to my closet grabbing a hoodie & a jacket. Burrrr! My poor dogs looked at me like…mom?? Haha! Poor babies. It’s time to winterize again!

Things are a bit busy & I completely forgot about writing Mrs. Badass pt4. I will have it up in a few days, I promise.

Ohhhh….’loving’, I almost forgot. Once again I have found my place, loving myself like I should be. I mentioned I’m doing better in another recent post. I really am though. I had some time to seriously think things through in some serious detail, & once again I choose me & my family. And I did a lot of praying as well.

The days of being used, or stabbed in the back, or just left are definitely over with. I will not put myself in a position again to where I depend on anyone but myself, or allow room for someone else to attempt to drag me down & use me. Ain’t happening anymore, I’m beyond done. Done with my life getting rearranged & jacked up helping others that are not worthy at all.

The way I see it is if something or someone is meant to be in my life, it will be. But it or they will have to chase me down like a dog though hahaha! My time & worthiness are too precious to be wasted on anything that’s not for me.

I’ve been saying no lately instead of “Okay, whatever YOU want or need”. It is about me first, period.

I’m in a good place right now with my life. Taking care of myself & my kids the best that I can. I’ve been cooking lately too. I think the kids are really digging that lol. I made a big ole pot of beef stew before I went to work yesterday, 5 hours later when I returned….it was gone except one bowl left for me. I love it & I’m glad they do too. I’m no chef, but its good enough to where I can make you fat! I’ve never had a complaint hehe!

Just remember to stay strong & push through anything & everything. I have major battles in life too & I keep bouncing back because I refuse to give up. It’s my nature! Gotta keep trying.

You must love yourself for everything else to fall into place! Look at yourself like you’re precious because you are. Your body, mind, health, mentally & emotionally, everything about you!

I know its hard to do sometimes, believe me I know. Its almost been a year since I attempted to end my life in a few months over some damn man & loser ass friends, and none of them gave two shits about me. Do you think they would’ve noticed if I died?….NOPE. And actually I wanted to run away last month, not die just run away. (Death is not on my agenda, ever again). Somewhere no one knew of me, & I had no plans of getting to know anyone. But I didn’t, I stayed. I cried, cussed, threw things, drove like a bat out of hell, slept & walked a shit ton. But I kept getting back up! You can too! Dust off your jeans, dry your tears & carry on every single day! Everything Will Get Better.

There’s not a limit on hitting rock bottom over & over. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure, it means you’re actually trying. That you actually give a damn about your life. One day…..you’ll hit that sweet spot! And oh how sweet it’ll be!

You can do anything. If this crazy chic can lol, you can!

Well I’m freezing & its nap time for me now lol. I rearranged my job situation for my better so off to sleep I go!

Love you, Lori

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