October 10, 2018

Apology To All!!

Hello people! Oh my gosh I’m so apologizing to every one of you! Wow its so easy to get caught up for a moment in foolish nonsense.

From me to you: I Lori Hensley, apologize for allowing my blog to take a turn towards such negativity & craziness from my life.

Tonight I will begin Mrs. Badass pt 4. I need to get back on my game for myself & for you guys. I’m going to do my best at finishing it tonight. I’m excited because I have no idea what I’m writing about when I write those stories. I simply just begin typing & let my imagination run wild lol! I think that’s why I find those so fun to write.

Again I’m so sorry……

Sometimes you have to stand up, shake the junk off, & move on or try again.

I’m nothing I’m made out to be, I’m a pretty good person I think lol, wink wink! Laugh! Hahaha

Stay tuned if you like the dirty little stories, hopefully by tonight or in the morning it’ll be finished.

This is short, I just mainly wanted to apologize to all of you….. Thank you for hanging in there for me!

Love, Lori

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