October 9, 2018

I’m letting go….

After all the praying & thinking & analyzing my heart & soul from every angle. I’m letting go.

I’m letting go of what’s hurting me, killing me. I can’t do it anymore.

I’m letting go of the things as well, not just people in general.

Letting go of false hope, make sense?

I’m not allowing anyone or anything to disrupt my life to the point of unhappiness.

We have the freedom to love whomever & whatever we want.

Whatever’s meant to be will be, but its in God’s hands.

I know that one day, He will bring someone who’ll be so amazingly good to me, I just gotta be patient.

I’m freeing myself from this misery even though it will hurt for a season.

I’m extremely important & very worthy. I don’t deserve what’s being handed to me, so I’ll let it lay there as I walk away. People, things, worries, troubles, etc.

One day, someone will come along & realize. They will fight to keep me, not let me go.

The seasons are changing. Fall is here. I’m also changing with the season for my own sake.

I need to change, my focus anyways.

I’ll fade out of the minds of the ones that truly don’t care or don’t have love for me.

The day they realize it, how important I am in their life….it will be too late. They will have lost me. I will be gone, just like a season ending.


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