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Good Morning People!

Well I feel better this morning. Although I’m not sure why, I still haven’t found another job.

I woke up early & I was dancing around the house this morning. I just can’t take being so sad all the time, I gotta let Me out.

I’m fixing to take off & do my walking this morning, then maybe exercise lol. I haven’t exercised in so long. Also thought about starting my tanning again, I feel so sexy tanned.

I’ve got bill collectors emailing & blowing up my phone, & my social media with rude posts. Everybody wants their money! God forbid I take a wrong turn & screw up working for a joke of job. Lori ain’t allowed to mess up. Lori ain’t human. Quit getting your panties in a wod….when I get paid, y’all will get paid. Understand? Frick.

Anyway….I hope everyone is doing great. I’m surprisingly calm to be standing where I am. Facing these bills with only a couple hundred to my name & Nothing coming in. I barely spend a dime. It’ll get better, it has to.

Everything that’s caused my rough road will turn around in my favor 10 fold, I got the faith. I continue to be me even though I’m ridiculed or made out to be something I’m not.

If you remain yourself, stick to your beliefs, never let anyone intimidate your talents (although I have some good ones hehe), or yourself…..The right people & things will come along eventually that will appreciate you & will recognize you’re a gem. Keep shining!

I’m considering doing part 3 of Mrs. Badass cause she turns me on hahaha, but seriously… I can ‘release’ in my stories what I want, & just freely let go & let it out. Love it!

See ya later!


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