September 26, 2018

You Never Know

Yes here I am again. Twice in one day.

I saw this post on the social media & it hit me hard. I know my words in my posts are out of anger, hurt, & anxiety. I truly wish to discourage no one. I hope not one person ever takes it that way.

I always want what’s best everyone even if I don’t like them, that’s just who I am. That even applies to those who permanently scar me emotionally. Yeah I get pissed, throw a fit, throw a few things around, & squeal off in my truck. But I have enough sense to know to calm down before going crazy.

I want everyone to know that Lori here is just as human as you are. I go through a lot of junk too, & feel it often isn’t fair. Just for future reference, if you read where I’ve gone mad for a few days, bear with me because I’ll be back. I have to take a step back & regroup sometimes. I may be strong but if I don’t take care of me, there’s no way I’ll be able to get on here & act crazy so I can hope to get a little smile out of you on your rainy days.

Thank you to all of the followers & readers of my blog.

Big hug from me to you!😊


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