Keep Going???

Keep Going???

Hello everyone! As you know this whole year has been an extremely trying time for me. Hurdle after hurdle all year long, actually since my birthday this past December. I’m am yet in another awful mess.

I have applied to several places. While I’m awaiting the next job line up, I have been researching & self teaching myself a few things trying to make a few dollars with an online store. It really interests me, I hope I can make it work, if nothing else it could bring in a few extra dollars a week for me, & maybe more later on.

Here’s my personal blah today….Y’all I’ve been so sick at my stomach for the last few days that I almost passed out earlier. At first I thought I was having a heart attack, but I think I’m just dehydrated and stress is beating me up. I’m trying to be positive while applying to places & learning how to start/run an online store, but it’s hard to.

A good friend of mine said something yesterday that has stuck in my head. (Not exact words, but close) I asked what did I ever do to receive so much hell? His response was that…My faith is just being tested, & that you hear stories about miracles like that. Basically people going through so much, then suddenly God moves ya know. So…I believe that, it makes sense. I’m not paying for some unknown karma, just being prepared for something awesome. I like that.

I have been giving into a little of the depression habits like just walking off to be alone, or taking a bunch of naps, crying, etc. But I know me, I’m pretty damn tough considering everything. Somehow, I’ll make it. I gotta throw my fits & pout a little while until I come up with a new path.

Short & sweet today! Feeling a bit nauseous again, maybe its this Georgia heat lol.

Have a great day!


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