Writing About Me

Writing About Me

Wow y’all, I’m having a day today let me tell ya.

This will be short.

I’m having to fight myself about redoing my blog. I feel sick that my life is just out there you know. Maybe its hormones or something, but I want to delete everything that’s about my personal life from everywhere. Which would mean probably 90% of my posts & all of social media, and only write about other things not pertaining to me.

Am I flipping out? I feel like I’m smothering here allowing so much to have been said, ugh.

My goal was to help people where I could, but I just want to hide now. Depression symptom? Crazy symptom? Ugh!

Did I make a mistake writing so personal???

C-ya, Lori

3 thoughts on “Writing About Me

  • I feels like this at times too. I try and motivate people all the time but I have my bad days, emotional outbreaks too. So sometimes it’s good to write about personal stuff. I thought I’d never blog about my personal emotions and feeling but when I was really really bad and sad I did it once or twice and the support I got from others helped me. So it’s okay to write personal stuff at times. Hope that you are feeling better now. If you don’t feel well and need help then I’ll be happy to help 😊.

    1. Thank you for replying. Means a lot! I just felt like I needed to withdraw for some reason. I’m a little better now but still unsure. I love writing stuff tho. But thank you!

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