Good morning! In case y’all didn’t notice because it’s soooo hot, it’s September! Lol, I love it! I never wished summer to go away until these past few years, I suppose maybe because I’m getting older haha.

So yeah some of the stuff I wanna say has been said here and there, but I want more! If I have to work 3 jobs…. I will! I’m sick to death with barely making it. That’s pretty much how it’s been all my life except now I’m solely on my own. Being single doesn’t suck but finances do on one income. I don’t want my life to be like this when I’m old as hell. I don’t want government help! I do want freedom though. I’ll get it, somehow some way.

I’d already be there, well on my way anyhow if simple things would just work the fuck out! OMG… Little things that would change my life are not even thought of by others, with money of course lol. Yeah some did what I’m doing, fighting their way to where they wanna be but some… It’s just given to them. Makes me sick lol.

This having j.u.s.t. enough dollars to cover the bare necessities on a daily basis is strangling me. How do I change it without the winning lottery numbers?…who the hell knows?!?!?! Grrrrr, geeez!

I don’t have any pointers to give you really. I have a few ideas but it takes money to make money, real money that is. And in some cases, time. I’m getting older… I don’t have time lol.

I sat on my ass while married and never done a damn thing for myself, for a financial future that is. I just let the years go by, now I damn regret it! I self taught myself little things, but they’re no good.

I could go on and on with a big ole list about what I need, what I have, how much debt there is, blah blah blah… But we all have some kinda crap, am I right?

Isn’t life supposed to be enjoyed?

How am I to enjoy life when MONEY is a major issue and I have to work ALL the damn time to just survive? Don’t say money don’t bring happiness neither because if you give me your money…. I’d be a little happier…I promise you that HaHa! Those that are well off just love to make that statement, don’t they?

Some have had life way worse than me, but mines been pretty damn rough and I’d bet most would just walk off a cliff than to deal or go through what I have.


Here’s me, alcohol-drug-non whore-non thief….free from all that, etc, and I’m as honest as can be. Yet it’s done nothing good for me to ‘be good’. Struggles seems endless in my eyes.

Griping & complaining this morning lol, I’m just tired is all. So tired in every way. My mind works overtime 24/7 trying and looking for ‘my way’ so to speak. I need a break bad.

All I can think about is making it anymore. I stare off into space and see myself traveling and blogging my ass off, but sadly it’s just a thought. It’s so hard to stay focused and positive when I have to count change for gas. Good thing I can find change huh? Lol.

So how do I or you better our lives? How do we even start when we have nothing to start with? Who or what direction do we turn to? Idk any of the answers to any of that but I’m determined as a m’fr trying to figure it out!

Okay I gotta go but hey, promise yourself you’re gonna try somehow to make your life more enjoyable. I may not be a great enthusiast or a good motivator but I try. Hell I have to push me all day every day, I gotta attempt to push you as well!

You are not alone!

Have a beautiful day!


2 thoughts on “More!!!

  • You ever thought about getting your C.DL’s ? Just a suggestion. You could travel and blogg all you like then and get payed at the same time. Plus it don’t cost much out of pocket to do

    1. Actually I have thought of it, I’m still thinking about it. It may make it difficult to spend days or a week somewhere I liked lol. I’m sure I could do it, there’s just a lot to think about, thank you

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