August 12, 2018

My Walks

I’m sharing with you what I view when I do my walks. My walks are not always for exercise. Sometimes I’ll go for a couple of walks a day, one is normally around yard which is peaceful and beautiful to me.
Walking helps me clear my head. It seems to take me out of reality for a short while. I get lost from the world and simply find myself when I’m spending time with nature. It’s such a different state of mind that I’m drawn to.

Here are some things I see along my path when I walk, and this is the road I live on, so you can see why home really feels great to me.

And some more……

May not mean a lot to anyone else, but I can escape my crazy life with these views. I tend to notice little things. Little things that others may not even give a second look to. Below is pictures from my own yard, and you can see why I love walking around my yard or just staring at it.

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