Slow Down & Breathe

Slow Down & Breathe

Good morning!

It’s my day off so its definitely a good day lol.

I tend to be high strung & always stressing over every little thing, like all the time. I started taking a step back on things, bills, & even people that stress me. I tell myself that I’ve done all I can do, & it is what it is. If things are meant to be… will be, stressing doesn’t make anything better or fix anything.

Going for a walk does wonders too. I’m not saying you gotta exercise but it clears your mind, really does. Give it a try.

This is what I’ve began doing. Stepping out of my comfort zone & breaking my own rules. I’m not gonna live forever you know. I’d rather be telling someone my stories & adventures rather than say…I wish I did that, I wish I visited there, I wish I would’ve walked up & kissed that guy, and all the should’ve done this & thats.

If it or someone makes you happy, why wait? You’re just gonna get older, and you just might be a hell of a lot happier if you don’t wait. Just saying.

I’ve been doing what I enjoy doing & I only go around those I want to be around. If people make me laugh, I automatically notice them above the crowd. Like I’ve said, very few make me laugh laugh if you get it lol.

I just breathe…….

I don’t force anything or anyone no matter what or who I want. I just patiently wait.

Try taking a step back & just relax. Like myself, you’ll realize that everything that’s meant for you will come to you regardless. Every mess works itself out, & when you’re calm you realize nothing is as bad as it seems when you’re all stressed out about junk.

Have a great day!!! Smile! Breathe!


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