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This post may be a little bit of a mess since I’m writing while working. I just couldn’t wait until I got home.

For new people coming across my blog. I don’t write articles because well… just isn’t my thing. I write real life experiences that I’ve personally dealt with or still deal with everyday.

Soooo today….

I’m absolutely furious! Why is it that men assume I need them? Why do they think doing something for me is an automatic trade for sleeping with me???? Makes me sick! I know my last post is similar to this one, but it happened again with another one.

I am female & they will hear me roar because I’m sick of them, so sick I don’t even want a relationship right now. If there’s a man meant for me, he will have to run into me knocking me down to get me to even remotely notice him.

I know I get lonely at times & hey that’s okay, it really is. I entertain myself & I can take care of those needs if you know what i mean. But I love being alone more than being stuck in another relationship where I’m used to death. I love myself enough to cut off the drama in my life. I enjoy coming home from work to relax in my woman cave!

If I need or want something, I work my ass off to get it. I will not crawl into bed with some man or drop to my knees to pay him for doing something for me…. It won’t happen!!

Besides that I don’t just give myself & my talents away like that, they’re earned! And they’re worth the fight to earn I promise.


Women or men. Do not allow or fall for that bullshit of doing sexual favors for someone when you need help. There is always another way that isn’t degrading. Take on a second job or sell stuff, but don’t do that! Please don’t, you’re worth more than that!

Okay, y’all have a beautiful day!


Lori Hensley

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