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I Got This!

Good morning! This is my last day off & I got several things to do today like weed eating, laundry mat, wash the car, do my nails, etc….. It’s alright though lol.

I got this.

I’m very disgusted with men. And the few I do speak to that don’t want nothing from me will be the only ones I talk to.

All they do is cause me to want to stay single. Just because I’m female doesn’t mean I need them… all.

I got this.

Do you have any idea how many have told me they’ll help me out with this or that then don’t simply because I wouldn’t date or have sex with them? It’s quite a few! I’ve went through 3 with my car promising to fix my ac, it still ain’t fixed. 3-4 with my push mower, it still ain’t fixed. And there’s other areas that the same thing has happened. It disgusts me! I will do without & find a way to take care of shit by myself before I do that.

I got this.

I don’t let me down.

So why are people like that? Why does so many people base everything on sex??? I love sex & anything to do with it, but I will not bow down like that. I’ll work 80 hours a week & do it my damn self!

This world….to me….has gone damn fucking crazy!!

I got this though.

Yesterday all 4 of my kids were here at my house. I claim my daughter n law hehe, but her, my grandson, & my 2 sons…..I refer to them as my 4 kids. Having them all here with me yesterday was awesome. They’re all I need, I don’t NEED no damn man! I GOT THIS!

There are a few though that’s been helping me with my truck & the tires on my car without asking or expecting sex in return. And one that looked at my bath tub leak. Now normally I’d do the plumbing myself buuut there’s no access panel & the faucet is old. Landlady has known about it & still hasn’t sent anyone to fix it.

I got this.

It is rewarding when you do things yourself but sometimes help is nice you know, but assholes are every where!

Just watch out who you’re dealing with is all I can say. And you don’t have to give in & do sexual favors to get help, no matter what!

I & you got this!

Have a wonderful day!!!


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